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Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - Tales of a Jaded Old Man

Hello BTB'ers. I'm back . It's been 2 and a half years since I finished TTO, and here I am, with another ECW adventure. I'm an old jaded man, so don't expect quality of yesteryears, but I will do my best to entertain you all again

"...It's over. I'm so badly in debt, I can't afford to pay anyone another penny, let alone thousands of dollars. It's yours, Vince; you've won."

He was a broken man, Paul Heyman. His company in millions of dollars of debt, almost all of his top stars having abandoned him over the years, and no network television deal to help bring in a source of revenue his promotion so badly needed - this is the definition of defeat in professional wrestling.

Vince McMahon: "You gave the world of professional wrestling a hell of a run, Heyman. Admitting defeat is nothing to be ashamed of; you and ECW will forever have left a mark on this industry."

Extreme Championship Wrestling. Three words that will be always make one think about the upstart company formed out of a bingo hall, whether they be good or bad.

Paul Heyman: "That sounds great and all, but that doesn't mean anything, as you know, in the real world. Like all the boys who worked for me, a legacy won't put food on my table. A legacy won't pay Rob Van Dam the one-hundred thousand some dollars I owe him. A legacy won't provide for the families of a Tommy Dreamer, a Sandman, a Joey Styles."

Vince McMahon: "I'm a businessman, Paul, so I know where you're going with this. You know I have always had a - what's the right term? - soft spot..."

Paul Heyman: "If you call signing up some of my best performers a soft spot, then yeah, that's accurate."

Vince McMahon: "I've had a soft spot for you, your company, and the way you ran business. You didn't convert to mainstream norms, Paul. You did things your way, and I respect that. I've given you money in the past, and if you are looking for a job, there is one waiting for you here with the WWF."

Paul Heyman: "I know I'll be fine, Vince. It's my boys I worry about."

Vince McMahon: "You know I'm not just going to sign every ECW wrestler under the sun. Some of your people just won't draw in the WWF. Now, Van Dam, he can be a star. But guys like New Jack, Balls Mahoney, those lot, they'll have to find their own way."

Paul Heyman: "And that's what worries me. I didn't have the most talented bunch, but they were my land of misfit toys. The world of wrestling is falling. It may only benefit you, McMahon, but just look around: ECW is dead, who knows what the future holds for WCW, and there is no other independent promotion on the rise. That XPW shit is fuckin garbage, and you know it. There won't be many places for a lot of my boys."

Vince McMahon: "Life can be cruel, Paul, you of all people should know. But the fact is - life is handing you an opportunity to ensure your own survival - I am giving you an opportunity. With me. So let's just get to it, Paul. What do you say?"

Paul Heyman: "You know I'll have to accept, Vince. But before I do, I need to let everyone in ECW know our fate - I can't just join the WWF without telling the boys that it's all over for us."

Vince McMahon: "Then so be it. Call me when you're ready to accept my offer."


"Hey Paul, it's me."

Paul Heyman: "Ha ha holy shit, man! How you been?"

???: "Everything's been great, Paulie. I'm getting to spend a lot more time with the kids, go on vacations... normal Dad stuff. And finally, I can just sit back and watch it, you know, as a fan."

Paul Heyman: "I hear ya'. Haven't been watching any Extremely Crappy Wrestling now, have ya'?"

???: "C'mon, Paul! Me and the oldest sat down together and ordered the show and watched it together. It was a nice show, Paulie, but I gotta tell ya', you need TV man. The fans can't just keep relying on pay per view every month or what have you."

Paul Heyman: "Heh, that's the problem *censored*. You see, there will never be another pay per view for ECW. We're dead, *censored*."

???: "Get the fuck out!"

Paul Heyman: "I'm serious. I just can't do it anymore. The debt is too astronomical. I owe so many people so much. RVD, Dreamer, Joey Styles, Francine, various arenas that we ran shows out of. It's just too much. I'm at my end - I just can't keep up with everything anymore. I already talked to Vince about it... I'm going to go to work for the WWF, and arrange a deal with Vince to buy out the company. He'll pay off the debts I owe, and get all the video library and names, everything."

???: "Damn, Paulie. I knew it was bad for you, but I didn't think it was that bad. I was really hoping that you guys would land another TV deal. A lot of people up north were pulling for you guys to get with USA after that TNN fiasco."

Paul Heyman: "We never heard back from them. There just isn't a place for ECW on television. HBO and Showtime wouldn't solve the problem - not enough people would be able to watch us, and they wouldn't pay for the production of the show. USA was our last hope, and well, it's not going to happen."

???: "That's messed up, man. I really would've expected them to bring you guys on. This is such a shame, Paulie. ECW is something special. Something that could stand alone from WWF and WCW. A place to make stars out of the up and comers of this industry, and for the guys nobody else wanted. I wish there was something I could do to help you save it, man. You know how much I respect and love that place, Paulie."

Paul Heyman: "Hah, well unless you're willing to say goodbye to about three to five million, you can't do a damn thing."

???: "...you need it in one go, or increments?"

Wait, is this guy for real? And who is he, too!?

Paul Heyman: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. You can't be serious, *censored*. You can't afford to throw around that kind of money!"

???: "Don't you know who I am? Haha ha. I've got millions, Paulie! I'm making money left and right throughout investments! Okay, I may not be able to just write out a check right now for four million dollars, but over time, I can invest money into ECW, and we can do things to make a profit."

Paul Heyman: "Look, we're talking about millions of your own money being thrown into a company with no stability, and no true reason to be optimistic for the future. Even if ECW magically inherits five million dollars, we're still no closer to getting a TV deal, and like you said: we need TV. ECW won't survive without a television deal."

???: "All things that could be worked out, Paulie."

Paul Heyman: You're serious, aren't you? You really want to just throw away millions of dollars for me? For ECW?"

???: "I wouldn't call it throwing away millions of dollars. This is an investment, Paul. I want to make my mark on wrestling. I think I have the ability to be a guy helping to run a company, to help push ECW to a new level. We can get ECW back on TV, Paul. Someone will take on this company! And WCW... I'm hearing stuff, man. Bad stuff. A lot of people don't think it will be around here shortly. And that only leaves the WWF... and ECW. You keep this company going, and more people are going to start tuning into ECW."

Paul Heyman: "...You really want to do this? This is so fucking rash, man."

???: "Never been more serious in my life. It's all about legacy, Paulie. No matter what happens now, a week from now, or a decade from now, ECW will have a lasting legacy. You, you will have a lasting legacy. Me, I like to think I will too. But we have the power to make all three an even bigger, better legacy. I've been thinking about opening my own promotion for over a year now, to further my work in this industry. But Paul, why go through all of the start-up problems, when I can help you out, help ECW out, right here and now?"

Valid point.

Paul Heyman: "Look, *censored*, I really appreciate the sentiment here, but this is just too rash. I don't want you jumping into a life-changing decision just because you hear we are going under. I want you to think about it. If you are serious about doing this, then shit, I'm right fucking there. This company is my baby, but working with you, we could create a few waves for sure!"

???: "I'll take time to mull it over, but I can tell you now, my end decision will remain the same: I want in, Paul. I want in on ECW."

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