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Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way

MONDAY NIGHT RAW - July 23rd 2001

Raw opened with the irate WWF owner Vince McMahon coming out and slating Chris Jericho, claming that there is a black cloud over professional wrestling after the events of last night. Vince said after all he did for Jericho, from taking him out of the wilderness in WCW to making him the star he is today, and the thanks he gets is a big dagger in his back.

Before Vince could continue wth his tirade the distinctive sound of glass shattering interrupted him and Stone Cold Steve Austin came head shaking down to the ring. Austin told Vince that last night was his night and Jericho ruined it and if Vince doesnt give him Jericho right now in the middle of the ring then he will go find the yellow bellied s.o.b. Austin waited but nothing.

Austin got pissed off and aid he would go find him and went to leave the ring but was interrupted by the music of Chris Benoit, who confronted Jericho as Fully Loaded went off the air before being attacked. Benoit said that Jericho was a friend, he trusted him and feels betrayed. Benoit said after the events of last night that he should be the one to face Jericho. Benoit and Austin started arguing before being interrupted by the WWF Champion, The Undertaker.

Taker came out and said he watched what happened last night and what has been said out here so far and came out to let everybody know that as WWF Champion, it was his duty to flush out and punish any traitors. Taker said it was Austins duty last night to win the battle for the WWF, but he failed. And he claimed that Benoit had been tagging with Jericho for months and didnt spot any odd behaviour, so he failed too. This got all three men arguing with one another. Vince tried to calm the situation

The countdown clock then started and the guy on everybodies lips, Chris Jericho came out onto the ramp with a huge smile across his face. Jericho said it was nice to see how popular he is but it is a little too late, Jericho said that the last few months it has been Stone Cold this, Undertaker that, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Triple H etc etc etc but nothing for Chris Jericho. It was WCW all over again. But why rejoin WCW if he hated it so much, simple, Jericho had several offers from Shane McMahon to join WCW, but on the emphasis that he would be a big star for the WWF, and with his hatred of Eric Bischoff he decided that the WWF was the place to be. But not for long. Jericho said he saw his chances at the top of the WWF fading away but it was a rare phone call that clinched the deal. A call from the very man he has despised since he left WCW, Eric Bischoff, Jericho said Bischoff apologised for the way he treated Jericho and agreed that he got it wrong letting Jericho leave.

Jericho was garnering lots of heat as he turned his attention to the guys in the ring, Jericho said Austin was washed up, a has-been who needed to ride on the coat tails of the boss to succeed nowadays when all he used to do was kick the boss ass, and then there was Benoit, a guy who Jericho thought was his friend, someone he could rely on, that was until he snapped on him at King Of The Ring. Finally Jericho turned to The Undertaker, and claimed the only thing Undertaker has that Jericho wants is that WWF Championship, and to set the record straight, he wont get into the ring with a WWF guy unless that belt is on the line

Undertaker immediately agreed to the deal but Austin and Benoit both aid they would take the belt off of Taker if it meant getting to Jericho, Vince then booked the main event for the night as a triple threat match for the WWF Championship

Rhyno and Test would square off next in a rematch from Fully Loaded, with the Intercontinental title on the line again. Test started to gain the advantage after some dirty tricks and was setting up the big boot when the pyros on the ring exploded into fire distracting him and Rhyno hit The Gore for the 3 count.

In the back and the WCW six of Chuck Palumbo, Sean O'Haire, Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko were talking backstage about how they were all successful last night and proved that WCW were the superior tag team division. They even had all the gold to prove it.

This was witnessed by The Hardy Boys, Edge, Christian and The APA in the WWF locker room, and all six looked unhappy and agreed that they needed to hit back and quickly, The APA said they would get their belts back but that caused disagreement between the three teams and they ended up having Vince step in and make a triple threat number one contenders match for Smackdown. Vince also made three singles matches for Raw between the teams.

Matt Hardy defeated Edge after a miscommunication once again between Edge and Christian, Christian went to grab Hardys leg but it was Edges leg that got tripped, leading into a Twist of Fate.

Jeff Hardy lost to Bradshaw after missing a Swanton Bomb and Bradshaw hit the Clothesline from Hell.

Edge and Christian argued backstage and they agreed they needed Christian to beat Faarooq to get back some momentum ahead of the tag match on Smackdown.

Christian defeated Faarooq after Christian held the referee in the corner and Edge came out from the back hitting a Spear on Faarooq for Christian to get the pinfall.

Lance Storm cut a promo on how Kurt Angle couldnt be there because he still hadnt woken up after passing out to the Mapleleaf last night. Storm said he proved that Canada was better than America, the Mapleleaf was the best submission move in the world and most importantly he was better than Kurt Angle. Storm then made Justin Credible tap out.

The main event was up next and a great back and for and for match saw Taker sent crashing to the outside by Austin and Benoit locking in the Crossface, as Austin crawled towards the ropes Diamond Dallas Page whacked Benoit over the head with the WWF Championship, The Undertake hit the Chokelsam on Benoit for the pinfall as Austin was still out. it would be Taker v Jericho at Summerslam and the show ended with Austin hitting the Stunner on Taker.


Smackdown opened unexpectedly with The Dudley Boys coming out to the ring. They said they were peed off that they werent being considered good enough to be in the number one contenders match. They said it was an absolute disgrace that the greatest tag team in history was overlooked and that someone would pay.

The crowd went wild though as Ric Flair interrupted them making his debut in the Invasion and Flair came out and said he has had about enough of these two moaning bitches, Flair said they are supposed to be two badass guys yet here they are moaning like a couple of babies. Flair said when he wanted to prove a point he would do it with his fists not with his mouth.

The Dudleys agreed with Flair and said they were much better at fighting than talking and proceeded to beat down Flair until he was saved by.........................

The Rock

The Rock returned to the WWF and cleaned the ring of The Dudley Boys and The Rock said he came back to save the WWF, saving the millions and millions of The Rock fans and nobody but nobody interrupts The Rocks show, Rock pulled a recovering Flair in for a Rock Bottom and the crowd went nuts

In the three way number one contenders match, The APA gained the title shot when they pinned Matt Hardy after a Clothesline From Hell. Edge and Christian argued once more on the outside as the pin was made.

Billy Kidman came out and said X-Pac would get his comeuppance, him and Credible would. X-Pac and Credible came out and circled Kidman saying he was a kid trying to get in the ring with men and woul never win, as they proceeded to beat down Kidman, Rey Mysterio sprinted out to the delight of the crowd and made the save. X-Pac looked shocked as Kidman and Rey hugged.

Booker T also came out and had his say, he stated after he won the battle for WCW, he was certainly the greatest world champion in the world today. He carried on by aying after beating the best the WWF had to offer their wasnt anybody out there good enough to get in the ring with him. He was then interrupted by the King Of The Ring and Intercontinental Champion Rhyno.

Rhyno stated that Booker T isnt even the greatest champion standing in the ring, and he would prove it by beating Booker T for the WCW World Championhip. Booker T gets a little scared but eventually agrees to face Rhyno later on in the night, because he is a fighting champion.

The WCW roster were backstage gathered up by Eric Bischoff and he started a speech about how Booker T was a great champion, but even he knows that having two titles is a burden and wanting to concentrate on the World title he has agreed to give up his United States title and their will be a tournament between 4 of WCWs stars to determine the new champion. Next week Lance Storm will take on Mike Awesome but tonight it will be Test going one on one with Kanyon.

In the match mentioned Test came out the winner after blocking a Flatliner and hitting the Big Boot to book his place in the final

Chris Benoit did an interview where he doesnt know what Diamond Dallas Pages problem is, but he will find out. Benoit demanded that DDP turn up on Raw to explain himself, or else.

The main event would be the WCW World Champiosnhip match and the match was going the way of Rhyno until an irate Stone Cold Steve Austin interfered attacking Booker T and causing the disqualification. Austin was confronted by Rhyno who shoved him, thus Rhyno got given a Stunner as Smackdown went off the air



WWF Championship - The Undertaker(c) versus Chris Jericho

WWF Tag Team Championship - The Revolution(Saturn & Malenko) versus The APA (Bradshaw & Faarooq)

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