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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
The dive is a count-out finish, but it's an awesome count-out finish since they just HATE each other the whole match and just fuck each other up. I'd say the whole thing is practically in that I Fucking Loathe You gear. I remember a suplex into the crowd where they almost kicked a dude in the head (was it that match? IDK). So yeah, I think the finish is in that link, but there's a chunk of the match missing.

WM26- I did think Taker was great in it.
That would make sense then, I never actually noticed any obvious break between the two links, but here's hoping the missing 10-12 mins make me appreciate the match more. I did get a strong sense of hate between both men, but I think part of my apathy towards the match stemmed from El Hijo Perro, I dunno the guy just didn't come across as a true rudo: he didn't have those awesome brawling tendencies to me that you expect out of a Lucha brawl. Maybe its unfair to expect MS-1/Sangre Chicana levels of violence out of him, but he just seemed to be more like a US guy in a Lucha environment rather than a true Lucha brawler, too many stomps and tame looking punches for my liking. I did find Santo super though, but whilst watching the match it felt more like him trying to hopelessly recreate his 80s/90s epics with a more limited/less talented opponent.
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