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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Just to clarify, I wouldn't call it a ***** match, its weird in that again I doubt they could have done anything better in that match, so in some ways its 'perfect', but I think at this point there has to be some 'feeling' within me when watching a match that would get me to give it the full 5. Its an incredible match without doubt, but its just lacking that intangible factor that certain matches have that I can't call less than *****.

As for why people may not see it as great as others, well a lot of it will just come down to the performances. Massive Austin fans will probably be so caught up in the character work and storytelling through his facial expressions and actions that the match becomes 'amazing', that's definitely to me the primary reason why I adore it so much, so if you think he was great but aren't caught up completely and calling it an all time great performance then I can see why it becomes a great match, but not a GREAT match.

That being said I don't think you necessarily have to keep watching it in order to eventually become as big a fan of it as others (not incinuating BUBZ or someone would do that), part of what makes discussion great is the varying opinions on matches. For example Yeah1993 had me watch Santo/Hijo Del Perro 2004 in CMLL and the praise he was giving it I was expecting a whole new Santo match to fall in love with....but aside from a couple of sequences and moments I was honestly left quite flat. How much of that is down to the actual match, or the hindsight of having seen many bloody Santo brawls since I discovered him and the match just not replicating those matches is hard to say, but I'd definitely say it wasn't the match I was expecting/hoping, which is a tad surprising since its not often me and Yeah1993 have largely dis-similar thoughts on a match (aside from HBK/Taker WM 26 ya bastard ), but hey its always bound to happen eventually.
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