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Re: Game sale/specials thread.

Kane & Lynch 2


Like I said, no more than $10

And K&L 2 is a fucking pile of shit. You might as throw it away.

How are their markups bad?

If the game is retailing at $60, they will give you $20-30 depending on how new it is, then they need a good profit margin, so another $20-25 is a good markup to cover overhead, wages, leasing, and everything else Gamestop does like their website, advertising, headquarters, etc. They need to make an actual profit off it.

Do people not fucking understand how a business works? After covering all the necessary costs, they probably make barely $5 net profit on any used game priced $50 or more.

People go to them to sell/buy used games. They are a third party doing a service for you. Acting as a middle man. If you have a problem, get off your lazy ass and go on eBay, Craigs, or Amazon and buy it off their cheaper + shipping.

Its idiotic how people still get upset over Gamestop's used game policies. Of course they aren't going to give you new full price, nor more than $10 on that game you bought last month for $60 that is actually retailing for $20-30 now at Wal-Mart. Don't be an early adopter if you are to stingy about your money.

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