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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post

EDIT: As for Austin/Angle, I think its the best match the company put on in 2001, not sure if I'd call it the #1 match in company history but then again I'd have to rewatch the absolute best stuff to try and get a clearer picture. On last watch (for the 00-09 MOTD poll) I came out of it probably the same as I did before, Austin's heel performance was still as captivating and complex as I remembered, Angle was again a fiery and resilient babyface and I thought they timed the Stunners well within the context of the match. They definitely served a purpose in accentuating Austin's psychotic breakdown which led to the referee abuse, and furthered the story going in that Angle had him frightened. Finish was still as gloriously dickish as I recalled, Nick Patrick was really underrated in that elitist prick heel role: post match Ankle Lock might be the most I've ever enjoyed the move.

I pretty much agree with all of that (Austin/Angle), but I just get the feeling 90% of other people are seeing a transcendental great match where I'm just seeing a great one. And it's not like these are people with different tastes to me, either. I watched the Angle/Michaels PPV matches recently and thought neither was even a three star match, but the people who like that are often people who like A LOT of stuff I don't. Austin/Angle gets love from almost everyone no matter what they're into. Evil Heel Who Works for an Evil Group Murdering and Cheating a Hero Babyface is pretty much my favourite wrestling formula so I can only think I'm the one missing something.

I should just shut the FUCK up and watch the match today.

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