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Re: The Book thread.

Originally Posted by 777 View Post
I'm pretty fond of the Chanur series. She has a pretty extensive bibliography which covers a lot of sci-fi/fantasy concepts, a lot of which I haven't read myself yet.
Awesome. I'll download that and load it to my Kindle for soon. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Issues_Sunshyne View Post
If you enjoy sci-fi or mystery novella, I would suggest "The Man Who Was Thursday' and 'The Father Brown Mysteries.'

Any tips on getting my head back in the game when it comes to reading? When I left school until I was about 22 I read, like yourself, sometimes 2 or 3 books a week, then for the last few years I would be lucky to finish a book a month and then now.. Im lucky to even finish a 200 page Autobiography.

It's not great.
I don't read mystery novels any more. I was super into that sort of thing when I was in elementary school, but I guess I just got burned out after a bit. I started reading sf when I was like 10-11 and fantasy in high school and have been pretty much exclusively hooked since.

Even when I was working insane hours, I managed to get a lot of reading time in here and there. I would read on the trolley, or on my lunch break, or in bed, and I listened to audiobooks in the car and in the shower. If you're having a hard time getting motivated, my guess is that you need to find something more interesting, and if you're having a hard time finding time, try audiobooks when you're in the car and so forth. When I was in my early 20s I went through a phase where I didn't read nearly as much, mainly because I partied far too much and was really fucked up all the time -- point being, it comes and goes, I think.

What are the last several books you read that you were super in to and stayed up late to finish? Let's find more stuff like that.

Originally Posted by Faraday View Post
(I assume you means books you've read in 2012 since this was released a few years ago)have you finished the series and red best served cold/the heroes personally thought before they were hanged was the weakest of the trilogy. it suffered from a lot of the problems with the 2nd book of the trilogy. it felt like it was setting up for the 3rd book too often instead of actually doing things for itself. also red october(?) or something his new book is out soon.

anyway. have you read the lies of lacke lamora by scott lynch? it's a projected 6 book series w/ the first 2 having being released.

add in The Name of the Wind by patrick rothfuss too. first one is particularly special, but the 2nd isn't that bad either (though I have some problems w/ it - so i'm curious what atheist panda thought)

other than that hyperion's an amazing sci fi book and i'm currently reading the sequel the fall of hyperion (by dan simmons)

check out china meville's perdido street station. it's kind of weird. he sometimes likes to write to show off which irks me as he loses track of the story just to describe things which don't need to be but he tells a really good story and the characters are pretty great. well him in general.

asoiaf is always reccomended by GRRM and you've already read wildcards so that's obvious. though I guess that's on tv and a best seller although frankly dismissing things because of both those things is fairly dumb.

have you read good omens by pratcheet/gaiman? because it's amazing and should be a must read by all.
Yes, that's the list of books I've read in 2012, not stuff that came out in 2012.

I read aSoIaF way back when Feast for Crows came out. And obviously I read Dance when it came out. I don't shoot things down because they're on television. I shoot things down when they're based on television, like when the show/movie/video game came out first. I've never had a good experience with a book based on a movie. Same with bestsellers... I obviously enjoy them, I just won't read some piece of crap just because it's an Oprah's Book Club selection or because it's trendy at the time. Does that make more sense?

Good Omens was awesome. I love Gaiman and Pratchett and that book was like the perfect blend of the two. And Name of the Wind/Wise Man's Fear were fantastic as well.

I'll download Hyperion, I've been meaning to pick that one up. Good call. the Locke Lamora books are on my list as well.

I actually really didn't enjoy the Abercrombie books at all. I really don't like dirty gritty fantasy, I'm not a fan of torture and rape and endless pages of description of peeing and spitting and filthy people doing filthy things. Gritty fantasy has to have an incredibly compelling story (like aSoIaF) for me to enjoy it, I've found.

Some of my all time favorite authors are Robert Jordan, Jack Chalker, Piers Anthony (early Piers Anthony though, before he got so blatant about his dirty-old-man-ness and just wrote trash about having sex with children), Brandon Sanderson, Robert Sawyer, Mercedes Lackey, Michael Ende, Terry Brooks, Terry Pratchett, Anne Bishop, Heinlein, Rick Riordan, Spider Robinson, Raymond Feist, and now I am going on far too long but yeah, that might help describe the stuff I tend towards. Hopefully.

Anyways, thanks everyone for suggesting stuff, since I became disabled and pretty much laid up I've gone from 4-5 books a week to 2-3 books a day, so anything new is always freaking awesome.

And if anyone wants suggestions based on other books you enjoyed, I'm the person to go to, seeing as that I've read pretty much everything. :P
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