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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

SmackDown Review

A real solid opening here, with a rather definitive shift in Cenaís attitude and demeanour . And you very much got across the point with regards to Cenaís annoyance at whatís been said about him recently. I didnít think Cena calling Angle Ďchampí was warranted, or made a whole lot of sense either, but thatís only a small thing. As for Angle, again it was all fine, the calling of Cena on his words and claims was a nice contrast, as was Angle pointing out that he and Cena have yet to face one on one. Typical heelish stuff from Kurt, and I always prefer to see a heel actually speak with logic and facts to back up his argument. I perhaps felt that things ended rather suddenly, Iíd have liked one more line or two from both men after the ďYouíre on!Ē comment, but really, for an opening that sets up a huge SummerSlam match, this was pretty much spot on.

Definitely the right choice to reinvent Helms. Gregory > Hurricane by a mile. While it was always a cert that he would win, I was surprised to read how much of the action Kendrick got. Certainly a lot of near falls that Helms had to survive, and Iíd have thought Helms would have dominated. But yeah, Helms got the win, rather cleanly, so again, no complaints here. Interesting to see how Helms and Chavo continue to develop as a partnership.

While the intrigue and mystery of this segment was certainly interesting, Iím rather taken aback at how vocal Van Dam was. Obviously tension is starting to build between Van Dam and Mysterio, but for ĎRVDí to be in such disbelief is really rather startling. Iíd be amazed if you took Van Dam heel, as I donít think Iíve seen that in these parts before, so while I think itíd be a risk, itíd certainly be fascinating to read. But yeah, looking purely at this segment, it was certainly a strong character shown from Van Dam, but just who will be revealed as MNMís mystery man?

Lashley beating JBLís lackey is the obvious booking deicison, and Lashley looked rather strong in doing so. The post match action is what matters though, and again, it was a smart decision to have ĎJBLí garner some heat with a beatdown. Not really a whole lot say on all this, it was all logical and nicely written. Iím gonna assume Lashley/íJBLí is being built up for a SummerSlam showdown?

what on earth... that was actually pretty funny. Iím not a big fan of Cryme Tyme, I never really saw any appeal in either guy as wrestlers, but hopefully a few more comedy promos and Iíll be interested in your version of them. Certainly a good one right here

Iím always a fan of these kinda impromptu tag matches, and it was nicely brought about with Hardy looking pretty good prior to the interruptions. And of course, itís trademark Teddy to make these types of decisions. As for the tag team match, the result surprised me, as I thought that as the victim of the attack, Matt would get revenge by leading his team to victory. But then again, itís a smart booking decision to give ĎLito the win, and Iím sure this puts him firmly in place for a shot at Hardy and the gold. So again no real complaints, it was all set up and executed well, and again it made sense for moving forward. The midcard on SmackDown is certainly interesting given these four are playing such a major part in it.

Very strong promo here from ĎJBLí, you had the character down pretty well. I certainly canít see him anywhere near the WWE Championship any time soon, but I definitely think having Lashley go over against him would do wonders for Lashleyís career. But yeah, promo was spot on, all the required ĎJBLí-isms were there, nothing to complain about here.

Wow, how intriguing was this? Van Damís character had certainly mellowed from earlier, but I guess the intrigue and mystery stepped up a notch, so in that regards this worked. But yeah, Iíd be more careful with the dropping of Van Damís character. It was perhaps too much too soon, Iíd have wanted a bit more anger from him here to fully represent his feelings from earlier.

Solid win for the Pitbulls, and the match seemed to be pretty solid. The results is perhaps a tad surprising though, as the Mexicools could have used the win to position themselves better for a shot at MNM given the fact it seems Mysterio and Van Damís chance has came and went. But looking at this match for what it was, the action was fine and Iím always a fan of the tiger driver.

Ha, what a dickish thing for Angle to do. Set against him leaving the ring earlier, this is a beautiful bit of booking. Wasnít particularly brutal or anything, but it just fit so well given what we seen earlier in the night. Not a whole lot to comment on, but it was a small thing that just set off the nightís progression of the feud.

Itís now that Iíve read the main event that I realise that the action in the show was perhaps lacking a tad tonight. Undertaker/Masters isnít really a main event match, and the result was never in doubt. Although Iím glad my previous comments regarding giving Masters a strong performance came through, as he didnít look any worse for wear for the defeat. As for the post match, Orton definitely needed to get one up on Taker, so Iím glad he did. It was all set up very nicely, another smart booking decision that sets Orton up for victory in the big rematch imo.

Overall, a very solid show. There was nothing spectacular or anything that stood out in particular, it was all just very smart, and thereís nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Sometimes you just need to do the smart thing and book by the numbers to advance feuds, and thatís what this was. Maybe there was too many promos and not enough action, but overall, it was a fine show that kept you ticking along nicely towards SummerSlam. Canít fault it man, aside from the few things I pointed out, so good job, and Iíll be back to read Raw.
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