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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by Lane View Post
Im not too familiar with the non deathmatch BJW guys so please bare with me

BJW 6/21/12
Konaka, Onryo & Taro Nohashi vs Hercules Senga, Oosugi & MEN's Teioh
Good short opener. Teioh is still awesome and I was impressed with the guys he teamd with. They were enjoyable to watch.

Isami Kodaka, Shuji Ishikawa & Miyamoto vs Hoshino, Takeda & Inaba Barbedwire boards**1/2-***
Solid match. Nothing spectacular. I wouldnt mind seeing the two big men having a singles match.

Daisuke Sekimoto & Masashi Otani vs Shinobu & Shinya Ishikawa
Very good match. If givin more time it would of been a 4 star match. Shinobu is a damn animal.

Ryuji Ito & Ryuji Yamakawa vs Shadow WX & Takashi Sasakihardcore match
I have no idea what Yamakawa said in the promo but led to him putting on an afro and dancing to thats the way i like it. I'm sold.
A PS2 kicked Ryuji Itos ass by sending him over the top rope.
Good match but a little sloppy.

Yoshihito Sasaki(c) vs Yuji OkabayashiBJW, wXw, and CZW Unified World Title
Through the majority of this match they did some great spots but it was just missing something to get a 4 star rating but around the final 2 and a half minutes where Sasaki just loses every care in the world and delevers a series of vicious headbuts that leaves him a crimson mask just did enough to edge it to 4 stars.

Abdullah Kobayashi(c) vs Jaki NumazawaBJW Tokyo City deathmatch for the BJW Deathmatch Title***
Jacki looks like a scary mofo during his enterance. Completely different from his useual crazy self.
Lots of flying glass and some sick spots most noteable was the tiger suplex onto the razor blade chair. Abby looked like he was hurting bad and I admire both of them for pushing through and keeping the match from looking bad.
Theres a Puro DVD review thread

Also you can buy from Highspots or PWG. Either sell the DVDs so its possible you may get hit with customs charges if your ordering directly from PWG.

DGUSA - Untouchable 2011

1. The Scene vs Kentucky Buffet

2. Jon Davis vs Rich Swann

3. Ricochet vs PAC

4. AR Fox & Sabu vs The DUF

5. Johnny Gargano vs Akira Tozawa

6. Naruki Doi vs Chuck Taylor vs Masato Yoshino vs Sami Callihan

7. Open The Freedom Gate Title

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