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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

If I remember correctly I may have popped in and out of this thread a couple of times back when it first started, but I havenít followed it properly, so Iíll probably be off on a few things.

I dislike recaps as it is, but I will be objective here, and in all honesty I just didnít think there was enough detail within the opening segment. We have no idea who came out first, who interrupted, how Teddy got involved, and it just really makes it hard to get into the segment. Iím not saying write ten page opening promos, but adding a little more of an emotional element to your writing would really help. From a booking standpoint, pick your poison and will allow you to have a few solid matches on the show, but does the announcement of PYP really deserve its own segment to begin the show. You could have announced it last week and filled this segment with something else, as absolutely nothing happened except for the announcement of PYP. If there was a brawl, or some huge development in the feud then I could understand, but it just seems like a filler by the number segment, which is never a fun way to open up the show.

Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara are definitely a unique team. Theyíd be awesome to watch as well, although Iím curious towards whether youíve put any time into developing their chemistry outside the ring as well. Anyway, again from a booking stand point, a tournament with the final happening at Summerslam really makes the tag titles seem important so props for that.

I gather you are using Matt Striker as a mouth piece? If so, thatís brilliant, because Striker is fairly capable on the mic, whilst Gabriel never did anything for me. That triple threat match youíve got planned has crazy high stakes as well, good stuff.

Jackson/Barrett is just a simple match, with Gabriel at ringside building hype for their match at the PPV. Jackson looks strong here, but there is no way Barrett should lose that briefcase.

Nice couple of segments to build hype for the PYP matches. I like how youíve kept Christianís opponent as a mystery... and Jericho is an awesome choice for Rhodes to face. There would have been that nice bit of nostalgia for Jericho and Christian on screen together again as well, although I really couldnít picture the two guys hugging, they had an extremely different relationship to say Christian and Edge.

The Hart Dynasty always had to go over here, and youíve got two teams who can steal the show going for the gold at Summerslam. I didnít realise how close to SS we were until half way through the show though, so I will say from a booking point of view, maybe the tournament finals could have been determined a bit earlier, with time to build some heat between the two competing teams.

Filler interview with Jackson, it hypes the PPV and this is the go home show so canít complain.

Christian looks like a million bucks, beating Brodus Clay. Again, a solid match and smart booking.

I actually thought it was a bit of a shame that you had the Roxxi/Phoenix promo right before their actual match. The promo actually captured a pretty cool dynamic between the two, it could have made for some great character development over time, but it wasnít to be. Roxxi gets the win to face Melina which is fine, although I donít know why you would wait until the show before Summerslam, it doesnít give anytime to hype the title match.

Randy Orton interview was typical Orton, but it almost gave away that he was going to go after Jericho. I guess it doesnít really matter because itís the go home show so he probably would have anyway, but still...

Rhodes gets the win which is needed since heís in the more high profile match, yet Jericho keeps face. Christian and Orton both out to interact with their respective opponents is a smart way to end the go home show.

I hate to harp on it, but your recaps are rather short, allows no emotions shown by characters and it causes the product to be VERY bland. Even matches can sometimes tell a story, but you donít give us anything with these either. The only way this style of writing would really work is if you were delivering a booking master class, but youíre not. Thereís a few little errors I mentioned above, the main one probably being the lack of hype for matches on the second biggest PPV of the year. The other problem Iíd focus on working on is interesting segments in your shows, because whilst this show did hype the SD side of the PPV, there was still way to much bland, filler stuff involved. Keep working at it though, and I look forward to Summerslam.

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