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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by AthenaMark View Post
One time my ass..she's been carrying Raw for weeks.
no, she hasn't.

And if she was a ratings loser, she would of been buried 3 weeks ago.
what does that even mean? there are a lot of segments and wrestlers that consistently get poor ratings, and they haven't been buried. what the fuck are you talking about?

But instead she stole the show and has the crowd energy up and chanting for her decisions over both the WWE title contenders. She did a better ratings gain than CM Punk ever gets....get real, man.
there are a lot of kids in the crowd. the fact that she has to do something drastic to get these types of ratings should say something to you. especially considering that both times that she came out during Raw, she got absolutely no reaction whatsoever.

some people need to re-read this:

It should be noted that itís the marrying gimmick and not the personalities since A.J., Punk nor Bryan spiked ratings in that demo in their interview segment this week or any other week in this storyline.
people need to understand that the marriage gimmick is obviously something DRASTIC that is going to bring in viewers. these kids don't care if this storyline has no substance to it whatsoever and how things happen at completely random times for no explicable reason, but eventually they will get bored of AJ's horrible shit if this goes past MITB. you can't keep doing relatively the same thing every single week.

it's funny as fuck watching Bryan fans reaction to this though.

"i like Bryan because of who he is, ratings don't matter to me!" ---> "wow, look how much AJ's proposal got, that's why this storyline is working!"

seriously the most deluded fanbase of any wrestler, and it's not even close.
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