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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Clique View Post
It wouldn't surprise me if they did. Everything thing about this feud from Cena's direct shots on the mic to how WWE subtly crafted Rock's image as a Hollywood outsider was their way of making Cena the de facto face in the feud from a booking standpoint.
They did try to keep him over as a face, but I highly doubt they had him talk about Rock's promos written in his wrist on Live RAW.

And the Rock in response went personal and talked about Cena's wife during the Rock concert, which I also doubt was scripted by writers.

WWE built no importance to Rock's return at Survivor Series or his rich history as a WWE legend returning to the company. The reactions from the fans weren’t going to be completely swayed though.
Not true at all. They even promoted his first match in WWE at MSG 1996.
Video package at the start says it all..

Originally Posted by The-Rock-Says View Post
You don't actually believe that was a shoot? It's The Rock. He could go out and do a 20 minute promo with his eyes closed. Rock's done ALOT of promos and he's never went to the ring with promo notes wrote on his wrist. It was a plan to get some fans on Cena's side.

Rock during that promo was trying to make the notes noticeable on camera. From stopping mid way and having a drink to him showing his hand to the camera. The whole promo was for Cena to get one over on Rock. The whole promo was set up for that one line.

The fans didn't fall for the notes on wrist at all. Cena tried making fun of it the next week and the fans didn't react and it was dropped.
Eh.. Not too sure about that. Rock did have notes written on his wrist and his promos at the time were largely about twitter trends, juvenile jokes and quite dragging. It wasnt the Rock of his prime that would rip his opponent apart on the mic.

I believe that line was a shoot but I guess we will never know for sure.

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