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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by AoM93 View Post
Segunda welcome back to the forum.We missed your analysis of matches.Could you please let us know your thoughts on Lesnar vs Cena
Pretty much one of the most unique matches I've seen in some time, Cena at his absolute best as the underdog bumping for everything Lesnar dished out and utilising his facial expressions to signify the beating, the desperation, the pain and the resilience in his actions. Lesnar just unleashed brutally stiff offence from the forearms, to the kimura, to the knee to the ribs which sounded ridiculously painful and he took a couple of frightening bumps for a guy getting payed $5m for a select number of dates. The botch where he failed to clear the ropes and nearly broke his neck could have really taken away from the match in normal circumstances, but they managed to create this never before seen aura of chaos and legitimate violence for a WWE match that honestly Lesnar hobbling and smiling just made me forget the fall and focus on the next part of the match. They shifted from the MMA esque beginning into pro wrestling wonderfully, and the Backlund esque power spot with Cena deadlifting Lesnar out of the Kimura was just a superb spot to get the crowd behind him and serve as the transition, and Lesnar's facial expression of disbelief and pain perfectly captured the drama the spot was meant to signify.

Chicago of all crowds being incredibly pro Cena in his comeback was a sight to behold, and rather than this be a super Cena comeback like people love to critique him on, this was one of his most hard earned comebacks which perfectly played off of Lesnar's domination and allowed Cena to still look like The Ace of the company, whilst in no way making Lesnar look like a chump. The 17 minute beating he unleashed on Cena was something most fans in that arena had never seen in their lives, and the more I watch the match the more I like the finish with Cena managing to pull a win out of his arse through sheer desperation and good timing, and Lesnar being momentarily knocked out of his comfort zone and then eating the pin. Its a shame they then rushed Cena into a feud with Johnny Ace where he reverted back to his stale character, because that one night in Chicago is the John Cena that everyone could get behind as a wrestler, and his post match promo which was incredible live with his limp arm and bloodied head was made obsolete when he was on Raw the next night and back to his pre Rock/Lesnar character.

But aye, the selling and facial expressions from both men were sublime, there was always something going in the match, Lesnar put in arguably one of his greatest heel performances, the crowd was alive with them every step of the way and its without doubt Cena's finest match in his best match type: hopelessly outmatched babyface v monster heel. It just had everything that makes pro wrestling separate from other sports and what makes it as popular as it can be, Bryan/Sheamus and Bryan/Punk were better wrestled in the purest sense, but nothing will come close to replicating the aura and nature of Lesnar/Cena this year (and if something does we'll be damn lucky IMO) and for that reason, its comfortably my MOTY. Although I concede part of the love affair with the match could be seeing it live and not expecting that level of violence and drama from a 2012 WWE match, whether it can stand the test of time remains to be seen but I've no arguments with calling it the MOTY and one of the best matches in company history.
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