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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Austin, Undertaker and Rey were far better opponents for Angle than Benoit ever was. Hell the minute Angle started wrestling regularly with Benoit he slowly evolved from the rookie who could be led along by vets to good-great matches in 2000/2001 (he obviously contributed, but the structure and layout was clearly being led by Austin and Taker) to the guy obsessed with wrestling 'classics' and developing a more spot heavy go-go-go formula as best illustrated after Royal Rumble 2003. I think I've only ever 'enjoyed' a couple of their matches, namely Unforgiven 2002 but its been ages since I've seen that. The rest typically ranged into overkill territory with umpteen suplexes being no sold so the other guy could transition into his set of moves and the Ankle Lock/Crossface submission spot being repeatedly whored out. Its all the more disappointing considering both men could have easily had a great match if they played off of Angle's underhanded tactics and Benoit's stiffness, but alas they didn't and Benoit always worked tremendously better with the Finlay's and Regal's of the WWE whilst Angle worked supremely with Austin and Taker (who knew how to reel him in and focus on his strengths) and Mysterio who could bump for all of Angle's offence and add some story and structure to their usually sprint heavy matches.

Basically Clique is correct in saying a lack of Benoit shouldn't greatly impact on any Angle DVD whatsoever.
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