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re: Hope is lost, faith is broken...The Dark Knight Rises - July 20th, 2012 (SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
I just moved to France and am currently manically searching for a cinema that will show it with the original voices and French subtitles. No joy so far, but I'm told they do do it for the big US films.

Fucking foreigns, man. I picked the wrong summer to move.

About the film, I'm led to believe from the trailers that Batman has been out of action since defeating the Joker, but Batman Begins ended with the introduction of the Joker.

So that would mean Batman only fought Ra's, Scarecrow, Joker and now Bane in his entire career. What happened to stalking the dark streets, hanging around on rooftops and fighting random crooks? He must have done all that between Ra's and Joker, but he always had his hands full with them.

Just something that occurred to me. Maybe I've missed something.
Batman was fighting the mob(i think) between Begins and Dark Night. Pretty sure that's what the whole Batman in Hong Kong/Harvey Dent stuff was about in the beginning of TDK.

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