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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by BUBZ View Post
Yeah the fact that there was hardly any 10 counts attempted in the match apart from the end felt really fresh. Segunda have you been watching TNA recently? It's been rather good I have to say. There's still problems with the product (as there is with most) and they could cut down their roster because they have too many guys who are mid carders with piss all to do and too many guys they want in the main event scene, but the turn around they've made since about 4 months ago has been impressive. Storlyines are good and looks like everything has a direction, also most of the matches on tv happen for a reason which is good and the belts are being put over as big deals. They are pushing the right guys too. The AJ/Daniels storyline was shit, but it still seemed like it had a direction unlike the AJ/Bryan/Punk love triangle in WWE. Hopefully that's over now anyway so AJ/Daniels can be involved in something better than that shit.
Yep, nothing more annoying than a supposed grudge feud where both men 'hate' one another and the majority of the match features overly choreographed/telegraphed spots and regular counts reaching 8/9 instead of a wild brawl occasionally broken up by the referee counting. That's partly why I always loved the HHH/Jericho LMS, they just go all out against each other and there's quite a few moments where the referee only begins to count when both men are lying on the ground feeling the effects of the match. Communicates a much stronger sense of hatred.

Nope, I keep a track of spoilers/general overcaps of the shows in case there's a match/angle/promo worth keeping track of, but there's far too few guys in the company I have any vested interest in (Bully Ray, Aries (and not even a 'huge' fan of him), Doug Williams, Storm can be ok but I'm not really a fan of him as a face) and the wrestling style will never really win me over unless they alter it. Too many matches where there's little to no substance behind the impressive moves and athletic spots, in some ways that does allow for matches like Aries/Bully, Bully/Styles and Roode/Aries to shine compared to the rest but I doubt I'll ever be a regular watcher aside from checking out the best pimped matches.

Their video package presentations however are superb, I watched the before the bell hype video for Storm/Roode at Lockdown and Aries/Roode and both were superb in creating a pure sports build for the match. From what I've seen the shows post Russo look more structured and coherent, and any comedy (Eric Young etc) seems to be used in the right doses to balance out the more serious angles, but aside from Joe Park/Bully Ray and Aries' booking the past couple of months there's very few guys in the company I'm interested in watching week in week out.

That being said they've had Raw beat the past few weeks, and this is coming from someone who's enjoyed the AJ saga (admittedly more around NWO time rather than the past 2 Raws with her antics getting a bit ridiculous).

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