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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Yeah the fact that there was hardly any 10 counts attempted in the match apart from the end felt really fresh. Segunda have you been watching TNA recently? It's been rather good I have to say. There's still problems with the product (as there is with most) and they could cut down their roster because they have too many guys who are mid carders with piss all to do and too many guys they want in the main event scene, but the turn around they've made since about 4 months ago has been impressive. Storlyines are good and looks like everything has a direction, also most of the matches on tv happen for a reason which is good and the belts are being put over as big deals. They are pushing the right guys too. The AJ/Daniels storyline was shit, but it still seemed like it had a direction unlike the AJ/Bryan/Punk love triangle in WWE. Hopefully that's over now anyway so AJ/Daniels can be involved in something better than that shit.


NJPW/AJPW 1/7/12

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Togi Makabe IWGP Title
A great start to Tana's reign (again). Tana going after the legs, as usual, but hearing that the crowd was strongly on Makabe's side he went heel with it and that was great. crowd was majorly on his case on occasions. I liked Makabe's first comeback a lot, the transition was well done from the powersalm, and it allowed the comeback without Makabe having to use his leg. Tana didn't work the leg that much and he became too involved in taunting the crowd so Makabe shook it off and started his work over after that which was all fine and dandy for me. He worked Tana's neck nicely but then Tana made his comeback and didn't really sell anything. Tana went back after the legs again with more intent this time before they went in to the finishing stretch and then it was Makabe's turn to no sell . Saying that, the finishing stretch was fucking awesome, the crowd was really in to it and it felt really bloody epic in parts, especially when Makabe kept blocking the dragon/german suplex attempts and the crowd was going nuts. Makabe did aim everything at the neck which was cool, but Tana like usual forgot about the leg work and went to his usual spots and moves. Overall I really liked this match, Makabe not really selling his legs and Tana forgetting the leg work let it down, but it had a great finishing stretch if you're able to get past the aforementioned stuff. ****
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