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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I dug a lot of Roode/Aries, Capone was bang on about the love for Aries countering Roode's offence on the second attempt, and finding ways to hit his signature offence on the second attempt. I particularly dug the spot where Roode got pushed back by the ref which led to the corner dropkick, basically played off of Roode's arrogance and attitude undoing a lot of his good work in scouting Aries' offence.

Still Roode's control segment just dragged and felt like a whole lot of nothing to me, I realise that by being a fan generally of the WWE style I shouldn't be one to complain about standard punches/kicks during a workover, but Roode just doesn't have that presence to me when watching him work someone over and as a result I was just sitting there waiting for the spot where Aries would make a comeback and enter the finishing run (which was indeed very well booked to continually tease the fans regarding a screwjob and Aries potentially winning). Aries blowing off the ribwork also irked me, though not as much as it could have done, hitting the dive for example didn't bother me since it felt like a big moment in the match, but the set up of him effortlessly landing on the apron from the attempted back body drop, then flying up and over the ropes and landing perfectly and sprinting into the dive felt like something he could have done avoided since it did render the ribwork obsolete given how effortlessly he was moving. I understand why he did it, and it didn't annoy me as much as other matches where body part work has been ignored, but that set up spot did feel quite unexpected from Aries who's usually a smarter worker when it comes to adding substance and story to his matches.

Crowd being alive did help however, I wouldn't call it a MOTYC but I can certainly appreciate why fans of Roode or bigger fans of Aries would look bast the plodding middle section and call it a MOTYC, its certainly a better TNA match than I generally expect from the company with more attention to substance and build instead of cool looking offence and transitions.

Daniels/Styles was far better than I expected, especially after they ditched the hold for hold wrestling in the beginning and just set about brawling (which was something I honestly figured they wouldn't bother with). Styles did have a few brief moments where I would have wanted him to headbutt/punch Daniels rather than attempt his enziguri's and pele's but on the whole I bought the hate in the match and it wasn't littered with high impactful spots and regular counts reaching 8/9. I mean unless I've forgotten I barely recall the referee issuing a count to one of them before they got onto the stage, which is something I wish was seen more in LMS matches these days, both men beating the crap out of each other rather than regular spots leading to the referee counting far better gets across the hatred in the match. I did kind of dislike Daniels moving after the 5 count from the big spot at the end, that felt like the sort of finish that should have seen him barely move, or at the very least wait till 8/9. Seeing him up moving about barely 5 seconds after impact did kind of make the spot seem a bit less brutal, but given how well they set it up as the big spot of the match, rather than merely one of 7/8 'awesome' spots it felt like a match ender and for that I give them credit considering who's involved.

I wouldn't put either match ahead of Cena/Lesnar, Bryan/Sheamus, Bryan/Punk or a few other matches but its the first time in ages I'm not baffled as to why the praise is strong for two TNA matches.
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