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Re: ROH on SBG Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by USAUSA1 View Post
And Kevin Steen as champion doesn't excite you? Isn't this what the fans wanted for a year?

Personally, while ROH have a lot to work on, people EXPECTATIONS for ROH is too high. While WWE and TNA expectations are too low.

For example, Roode hold the title for 9 months, fans think its one of the best title reigns in years. Why? I don't know, ROH been doing long title reigns for years including the recent one with Davey Richards. The difference between the two guys, Roode is a good talker but Davey is a wayyyy better wrestler. Put Roode best matches from the past year and compare them to Richards matches from the past year, Richards got him by a mile. Richards gets an unfair wrap because he has the live up to the standards of Danielson,Punk,Joe,Nigel,etc. Roode doesn't have to live up to any standards because TNA title reigns has been horrific. Low expectations vs. high expectations. If you had to trade Richards for Roode like in the old territory days, would you do it?

People complain about Briscoes/WGTT but name me one tag team feud in the past year from WWE or TNA that was better? You can't,if this exact same feud happen in the WWE or TNA with the exact same results and matches fans would be going nuts. Low Expectations vs. High Expectations

The whole AJ/Kane/Daniel/Punk storyline is silly and the fact it involve the champion make it even worse. Imagine this same storyline in ROH with Punk/Danielson, it would get booed out the building.

Week in,week out ROH has the best WRESTLING on tv. Look at last week for example, no Raw,SD,or Impact match was better than Eddie Edwards vs. Kevin Steen.

Now ROH does need a better tv taping schedule. Maybe a new,fresher booker like a Dave Marquez or even Scott D'Amore. They need better production, more shows as well but the actual wrestling is pretty good.
Roode's reign was much better than Davey's.
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