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Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way

First off, I've been reading since your first post and I really like the small changes you've put into this new Invasion Angle. It really is shaking things up to a whole new level.

Now here's my honest review brother.


-The first two SNH matches had predictable outcomes, The WCW foursome had the power on the WWF foursome and came out the winners with Kanyon hitting the Flatliner I suppose? The Unholy Alliance reunited to take on Raven & Stevie is a real ECW dream match. Raven & Stevie never really had much sucess together so, it was the right way to go to give Tajiri & Mikey the duke in this one.

-I love the "Knocking at the Door" tagline.

-The first two opening matches really set the tone that the night's action would be closely contested. X-Pac beat Kidman via help from Credible, which opens the door for a possible rematch, and, Los Guerreros somewhat cheat their way to victory over the Hardys in somewhat of an upset. Since there wasn't too much on the line in these two matches, the score is tied, and, it leaves plenty for these 6 wrestlers to accomplish in this war in the future.

-I like how you've given Rhyno the respect and the importance he deserves. I always felt the WWF was scared of how small in height Rhyno was versus his other foes, but, for all the taller competitors, nobody packs intensity and agressiveness like Rhyno. Him winning the IC Title is another milestone achievement and, I feel like Rhyno could be one of thos guys who goes to the highest bidder somewhere down the line.

-Tension continues to brew between E & C, good to give the new team the rub, especially since they hold the WCW Tag Gold. I like how you've given them such a great tag team move too.

-There was a certain confusing aspect to the Benoit/Jericho Vs Awesome/Regal matchup. Most of the action was described as being somewhat Hardcore with the Awesome Bomb to the outside but, I think it was a somewhat missed opportunity to put someone more of Awesome's style of Regal's, either way, I think there was no way Awesome & Regal would gel as a team and Benoit & Jericho getting the ups is the right way to go on that one.

-I can't believe they never banked on an Angle & Storm confrontation. I have no doubt that it was a MOTY candidate and I really like that you gave Storm the duke. I just have a hard time seeing anyone passing out to the Single Leg Boston Crab if a) they have (apparently) not been severely injuted elsewhere (i.e. a cut to the forehead, a massive cut at that) or that b) the targeted body part (apparently) had been injured and worked on previously.

-Right from the get go, Saturn & Malenko are so outmatched size wise against these two teams. Saturn covers for a few areas where Malenko is overly outmatches but still. Even though the deck was stacked in favor of either the Dudleys or APA, I knew these two teams' past history would come and play a major role in the outcome, and it did in the favor of the Revolution, which is a major blow for the WWF to lose their tag team belts, and now, finding themselves down one match, and without any tag team gold to speak for.

-Taker vs DDP was a great old brawler's style matchup. DDP is great, but, there was no way he was going to beat Taker, especially in the circumstances surrounding Sara. I would have liked Taker to bust out the Tombstone for that occasion though!

-The Main Event was a great way to end the show, everything was tied up across the board and it was up to either Book or Austin to bring home the win for their respective teams. The action was fast & furious, and the events leading to the shocking turn of events was tremendous. I just realized that if WWF had been smart back then, this would have been a major coup in the Invasion. Jericho turning its back on the company that had demoralized him, down graded him, I can but wait to see how the whole Jericho/Bischoff dynamic evolves. This also means that both major titles stay in their respective camp, but WCW has won the first big war against WWF.

-OVERALL = A great Pay-Per-View from top to bottom. Sometimes the lack of detail takes away from what you're trying to accomplish booking wise in the short term, but, everything is so precise in its long term execution that it's something that doesn't take away from the fun I have reading your BTB. (7.7/10)

WWWF is Coming...
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