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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

JAM's Review

Wow, what an open to the show this was! The commentary that Cole and Tazz provide is excellent here I might add. Cole should definitely just go back to his old self because he's definitely one of the better commentators WWE has. As for the segment, I loved it! Although Cena sounded a bit heel here because of his “Not afraid of anyone” mumbo jumbo, but you can definitely feel the intensity in Cena's voice here during the promo. The response by Angle was just as good as well. Not only can Angle go in that ring, but he can talk good so he's definitely a fun character to write for. Not really feeling that they'd make this match on their own, definitely feel that someone would've made it more official. But still, a great way to open the show!

I've always been a fan of both The Hurricane and Gregory Helms. The Hurricane was just awesome and back when people were guessing that Helms was Hurricane was pretty funny to me and I enjoyed it. But with him being Gregory Helms it gives him that extra dimension where not only is he a great competitor but now people can take him seriously. Aligning himself with Chavo is a great idea as both men could be a credible tag team. Gotta agree with TWG that we might be seeing the birth of the Hooliganz quite soon and I can't wait for that.

This segment with RVD, Rey, and Teddy was an interesting one. I don't know why RVD would be this upset though. I would've had him just go out there and perform well for another shot at the tag titles with Rey. But due to this segment, I can smell a heel turn for RVD which wouldn't be bad. Haven't exactly seen him as a heel in anyone's thread, looking forward to this one.

Lashley is definitely a physical specimen but I'm not his biggest fan. This was a huge statement made by JBL. After losing his title to Cena, I think this is the perfect way to use JBL, putting over the potential young main eventers on Smackdown. However, I do think JBL has on more reign in him before getting rid of him completely whether you use him as a commentator or a GM or whatever. But this feud will definitely be something to watch.

Love this video package of Cryme Tyme. They're definitely a good tag team, but please don't screw it up like WWE did. They're very talented and would be a nice addition to the tag team division. You got the powerhouse in Shad and the athletic one in JTG, awesome team with an awesome gimmick.

Maybe this feud has gone long enough but Carlito should definitely be the one coming out on top. I think Carlito has a great chance to main event but he belongs in the midcard right now. Good match between the four here but again, Carlito HAS to come out on top of this one. The midcard scene on Smackdown is quite good actually compared to the midcard in the WWE these days.

Good promo here by JBL. Definitely think he won't be near the WWE Title anywhere soon since he'll be used to put over some younger talent, and that's alright with me.

Another excellent promo here and I was just predicting that Kurt would ambush him from behind. Good booking here for sure as you add more to this already heated feud. Although maybe Cena could have fought back a little then have Kurt really do a number on him, but nonetheless, it was a good segment between the two. They've been on fire since the start of the night!

Wow, defintely a promo heavy show but this segment really takes it for me. I like how you have Orton playing the mind games here instead of 'Taker but we'll definitely see 'Taker get some revenge from that, probably even better than this segment. Not much to say about Masters, but he had a good showing against 'Taker. A really good ending to Smackdown, much better than RAW, I believe.

Overall, a really good show. I don't usually like promo heavy shows but this was just excellent. I definitely think that Cena vs. Angle should close out Summerslam since I know it'll be a spectacular event. You provided some good matches and delivered on the big events like Orton/'Taker and Cena/Angle. Kudos to you man, keep on truckin'.

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