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Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way

Before Fully Loaded got underway the battlegrounds were set as two matches between the companies took place. In a real match of mayhem the WCW team of Chris Kanyon, Hugh Morrus, Shawn Stasiak & Mark Jindrak defeated Too Cool & The Holly Cousins with Kanyon pinning Hardcore Holly after hitting the . WCW drew first blood and the WWF were on the backfoot already.

But the WWF evened up the pre show matches with Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck defeating Raven and Stevie Richards after Tajiri nailed Richards with the Buzzsaw Kick, Raven left Richards in the ring afterwards obviously disappointed by his partners performance

Gund Arena - Cleveland, Ohio - July 22nd 2001

It was then time for the real thing as WWF Fully Loaded : Knocking At The Door was ready to begin and before we got any action both WWF & WCW rosters were lectured by their owners on the importance of the night. The WWFs message was simple, destroy the disease before it spreads and WCW talked about making their impact

And to start the show we would have the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship defended as X-Pac defended against Billy Kidman, who had accepted X-Pacs challenge just 3 days earlier. As expected this match was a quick paced affair and Kidman hit a huge hurricanrana off the top rope on X-Pac as the crowd were wowed, Kidman hit a jumping tornado DDT to lay X-Pac out on the canvas and climbed to the top rope, the crowd knew what was coming but not what we were about to see, X-Pacs tag team partner Justin Credible pulling his pal to safety as Kidman crashed hard into the canvas. X-Pac didnt waste any time hitting the X-Factor for the three count

X-Pac defeated Billy Kidman to remain WWF Light Heavyweight Champion


Kidman got to his feet and held his head as X-Pac and Credible posed at the top of the ramp

Next up we had an enticing tag team match with prde of family at stake as Eddie and Chavo Guerrero took on Matt and Jeff Hardy. Chavo was an obvious weak link for the WCW team and the end came with Jeff climbing the turnbuckle to hit the Swanton Bomb on Chavo but Eddie pushed him off to the outside, with Jeff whacking down hard off the ringside barricade. Matt came across to deal with Eddie who slammed him neck first off the top rop into Chavo who hit a Brainbuster for the three count

Los Guerreros defeated The Hardy Boys


All square in the series now and The Guerrero family won the battle, but this probably isnt the end of the war.

A backstage promo was up next as WWF owner Vince McMahon, still sporting his neck brace, went in to see Rhyno and told him that he wanted to see him break Test in half for what he has done to the WWF. Rhyno then asks Vince how the WWF stock is doing and maybe Vince should buy into frozen orange juice to make the company some money. Vince says thats none of Rhynos business and he doesnt need to be told what to do. Rhyno says the feelings mutual

So that match would be up next with the Intercontinental Championship on the line and a a lively affair would see Test hit the Big Boot on Rhyno but Rhyno luckily got his foot on the bottom rope, Test went for another but Rhyno ducked it and came off the ropes with a massive Gore for the three count and The Man Beast added the Intercontinental Championship to his King Of The Ring crown.

Rhyno defeated Test to become WWF Intercontinental Champion


More title action ensued but this time it was the WCW titles being put up as the tag champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire defended against Edge and Christian and after a lively match that saw Edge hit a Spear from the top rope onto O'Haire and Palumbo hit the Jungle Kick on Christian, it would be miscommunication on the part of the WWF guys which cost them. After the referee took a bump Edge swung a chair at Palumbo that he avoided and Edge nailed his partner across the head with it. As Edge looked on shocked Palumbo hoisted him up and O'Haire came off the top rope hitting the Doomsday Blockbuster Neckbreaker. The ref recovered in time to count the three count and Palumbo and O'Haire picked up a huge win

Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire defeated The Hardy Boys


A backstage segment then aired between Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit as they both aired out their differences about accusing eachother of being defectors. They agreed to have eachothers back out there as they both want to see the back of WCW

But they wouldnt have it all their own way as they took on the impressive Mike Awesome and defector William Regal, Awesomes involvement in the ring stopped this being a complete mat match and he hit Jericho with a huge Awesome Bomb to the outside, Jericho was down for a long while as Benoit fought off both men and Jericho finally recovered to pull Awesome from the ring as Benoit locked the Crossface on Regal, Regal tried to hold out but eventually tapped. Jericho didnt look happy that Benoit got the win for the team

Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho defeated Mike Awesome & William Regal


Kurt Angle was interviewed by Michael Cole, Angle stated his intention to not only beat Lance Storm but to hurt him as well, Angle said Storm was going to be taught a lesson not even Stu Hart could teach him. Lance Storm came up to Angle and said Angle needed to be serious for a moment because we all knwo that Canadians are much better than Americans and Storm will prove it in the ring.

Wow. Just wow. Thats all that could be said about the match between Angle and Storm as they put on a match of the year contender. Storm and Angle showed how wrestling should be done as both men hit numerous styles in the match. Angle missed a moonsault from the top rope as Storm got the knees up, Storm missed a Superkick that Angle turned into the Ankle Lock but Storm pushed him off. Angle hit the triple German suplexes but Storm just got a shoulder up. Storm hit the Superkic but Angle kicked out, and Storm kicked out after an Olympic Slam. Angle hit another Olympic Slam but it was countered into a backcracker from Storm. Storm looked ready to pounce on the fallen body of Angle but Angle was playing possum and as Storm leaned over Angle grabbed the Ankle Lock and Storm was in trouble but in a aweome show of agility Storm reverse rolled under Angle and locked in the Canadian Mapleleaf, Storm was sat down on the move and Angle refused to tap but had nowhere to go, Angle eventually passed out and Storm was declared the winner

Lance Storm defeated Kurt Angle


Storm celebrated as he looked down on Angle who was out of it, Angle was unable to wake and thus stretchered out of the ring.

In the only match of the night where the odds were stacked the recently unhappy and defected Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko, going by as The Revolution invoked their #1 contenders shot against the WWF Tag Team Champions The APA, but Vince McMahon added The Dudley Boys to the match making it basically a 2 on 1 situation. All was going smoothly for the WWF as the foursome took apart the WCW guys. Eventually The Dudleys went for the pinfall and that where all hell broke loose as The APA took offense to Dudleys trying to steal their belts and they brawled with to the outside, Saturn saw this as his chance and rolled up D-Von for the three count and WCW had the WWF Tag Team Titles

Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko defeated The APA & The Dudley Boys to become WWF Tag Team Champions


The APA and The Dudley Boys argued with eachother as Saturn and Malenko took off with the belts, Bradshaw hit the Clothesline From Hell on D-Von and The APA hit a double powerbomb on Buuba Ray.

Backstage Vince said he was sending Stone Cold out next to make sure the WWF peggd WCW back, Undertaker overheard this and said is Vince trying to state that Undertaker wont get the job done, Taker then tells Vince he will go out there next and flatten DDP.

Undertaker versus DDP was the next match and both men showed a true passion of hatred for one another as DDP used every dirty trick possible, raking, gouging, low blowing, tight pulling and even trying to use an exposed turnbuckle but it would be his downfall as Undertaker Snake Eyed him off the turnbuckle and hit a Chokeslam. Taker wasnt finished though as he hit not one but two Last Rides for the victory. Taker had some redemption on DDP and proved to Vince he was the man to get the job done

The Undertaker defeated Diamond Dallas Page


The main event was all that was left and Vince had some rousing words for Stone Cold Steve Austin but Austin told him to put a pipe in it, he told him he was Steve Austin and all he knows how to do is fight and fight he will. Austin said he would kick Booker Ts ass all over the arena. And that was the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.

Booker T was then riled up by Eric Bischoff and told Booker T that the fate of WCW is in his hands and all he had to do was beat that foul mouthed beer swigging nobody, and he knew he could do it because he is the WCW Champion, the cream of the crop and the future of wrestling. Booker T said the job will get done, if you dig him, sucka.

The most anticipated match of the night, the decider. WWF or WCW. Vince or Shane & Eric. Stone Cold or Booker T. Dominance or resurrection. And the match didnt disappoint as Austin and Booker T took it to one another big time. Austin came at Booker with his brawling style and hit an early Lou Thesz press to the delight of the crowd. Austin with the Stunner but Booker T sent him off an hit the Harlem Side Kick. Booker T then took control of the match for a long period keeping Austin grounded with his quick offense and Booker T set Austin up for the Scissor Kick but Austin ducked away and Austin went for the Stunner again and Austin was shoved off into the referee, Booker T went for the Bookend but Austin elbowed out and hit the Stunner, Austin covered but there was no referee and a second referee rushed in but Shane McMahon pulled him out, Shane was chased by Austin all around the ring but Shane ran into a spear from Vince McMahon and the crowd went nuts as Vince laid into his son. Vince was pulled off by Test who went to give Vince another Big Boot but Rhyno came out of nowhere and Gored him into the air. Mike Awesome and Lance Storm came in next and Rhyno was Awesome Bombed on the outside. WWF Champion Undertaker and Chris Benoit came to the rescue by taking both guys down and Chris Jericho was in the ring and picked up Booker T before hitting Austin with a new move, driving Austins face down into his knees as he fell to the ground. Jericho put Booker T over Austin and the first referee recovered in time to make the three count

Booker T defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin


WCW won the battle, Chris Jericho stood in the ring with a sick smile on his face, on the outside Awesome took out all the WWF guys with a chair but Benoit was in the ring with Jericho and Benoit asked him why but before anything could be explained DDP turned Benoit around and hit a Diamond Cutter. The WWF were laid out all over the place as Eric Bischoff and Shane McMahon came into the ring and a massive amout of jeers came pouring in as Jericho embraced both men. WCW stood tall as Fully Loaded went off the air

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