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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

The opening segment here was wonderful, and I like that you had Cena show a more serious side; shown by the fact that he just jumped right to the point and didn't bother sucking up to the crowd and starting with "Kurt Angle..." Turns into a sort of standard intense Cena from here on out until Angle shows up, but Cena being up for a fight makes him a good champion. Obviously Angle comes out, and Kurt was wonderful here. He's been right the entire time, that Cena hasn't faced him one on one and I am so excited that you're going to set them loose at Summerslam. I have a sneaky suspicion that this could be the match that ends the show at Summerslam, a close call between this and Batista/Kane. Angle running out of the ring was a great move, and did make me chuckle a little bit how he wanted none of Cena right there. Great start to the show and certainly the main talking point already.

I'm liking the reinvention of Gregory Helms, and the alliance with Chavo adds a little something more to this new character. The match itself with Kendrick was brilliant and had me captivated, and I would like to see a lot more of these two in the ring, and this match would have not been hurt by having another three or four minutes added onto it. I'm sensing that Kendrick will still be involved with these two and it leads to the creation of the London and Kendrick tag team, and they can still be competitive in the Cruiserweight division though.

This was really strong stuff here, and I think in the next few weeks a different side to RVD is going to come out; which is brilliant. This was really good here showing the torn emotions from RVD, he is totally obsessed with the whole situation, and I can't wait to see how this whole thing affects his relationship with Rey. Good segment and I'm wondering who that guy was?

LASH! I know some people don't like Lashley but I'm a real big fan of his and I did enjoy watching him just tear through the entire Smackdown roster for months on end. His match with Masters last week was a tough challenge, and getting the win here over Jordan (Former US Champ) is another big step for him to climb up the card. The post-match attack from JBL was good, and it showed that Lashley is in fact human after all, and I wouldn't mind seeing these two mix it up at Summerslam in what will be a huge match for both guys. I know that if they do, Lashley will win, but I can't see what is next for JBL after Summerslam.

Probably one of the best vignettes ever! I like that Cryme Tyme are headed to Smackdown; the Raw tag team division is a little clustered at the moment. These two are going to be great for a feud with MNM for the titles which I can't wait to see.

Looked like Hardy was going to carry on his momentum and pick up another win against Rhyno, but Carlito and Booker's involvement at some stage was kind of predictable. HOLLA HOLLA! Vintage Teddy Long and a TAG TEAM MATCH PLAYA! Huge score for Carlito, and it was important that he picked up the win here, and it being over Hardy means that he now has that legitimate claim for the US Championship. I think Summerslam is the right stage for this match! Booker and Rhyno continue fighting, and I don't know how this one is going to end; but it seems like this feud has been going on for a while, and you might struggle to keep it fresh the longer it goes.

JBL wanting to get back into the WWE Championship picture is obvious but I think this programme with Lashley means that he is going the complete opposite way. Good interview though

So many things being left out in the open! A lot of questions emerged from that small RVD segment and I hope we get some answers soon.

A big win for the Pitbulls, and this feud may be close to being put to rest now, but with heel tag team champions, a Mexicools win might have made a little bit more sense. I'm always a fan of the lower card feuds and this one has been booked very well.

DAT KURT ANGLE! Brilliant way to add a lot more heat to this feud with Kurt attacking here and this is a big match and with the short space of time to build it this was a good way to advance it quickly; very good booking.

The whole ending to the show was good; albeit very predictable. Big exposure for Masters which is good, just having a match with Taker is a privilege. Good promo from Orton but I'm afraid I already knew that he was going to attack Taker from behind. Even so, it was a smart booking decision and it makes Orton look like a threat going into Summerslam, and I do think he will get the win there setting up for the rubber match at Survivor Series.

Another highly entertaining show, and you did great advancing everything here as well as creating new angles and routes to go down in most of your storylines. Your Summerslam is going to be big and highly anticipated, and I can't wait. Good jog, mate
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