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Re: Mafia Records.

^who's rushed?

64. New York Mafia by Postage.

Won by : Mafia

Some poor mislynches here, like RKO being lynched for being black when someone else died as "the" only black guy, even though Postage made a post saying that wasn't the case and practically confirmed him and then NaFFan being lynched despite being an inventor of sorts who's role was confirmed or something like that. Lots of indys died tho and it took a while for scum to be hit. even then it got to like 4/4/1 and town still got quicklynched but scum kill got blocked and scum died so it went all the way down to a 1/1/1 split w/ dan marino and IMPULSE having a v enjoyable argument for me to read. marino won tho, like he always does. (also b/c doddsy was an idiot and used random.org instead of reading)

65. No Theme Mafia by CM Dealer

Won by : dan_marino (serial killer)

Godfather Postage got killed n1 after being caught by an insane daycop. And then there were like 3 other cops, feels like a lawls game. Then scum p much dropped like flies and town coasted until endgame where dan marino won again as SK.

66. Heroes Mafia III by sXe Maverick

Won by :

Scum lost one member all game and coasted to win. 3 BG claims made for some fun days and good mislynches for scum to push but they never looked like losing it really and were in firm control with a lot never really coming under that much pressure.

67. Cyanide & Happiness Mafia by Alcoholic

Won by : Cancelled

This had one of the best PR's ever for RUSH and some hi-larious vote counts by Yottsu but combination of people losing interest/mod being busy led to it just tailing off without an end. Shame.

68. WF Mafia: Hostile Takeover by Rush

Won by : Ownage(Jester)/Town

Used roles from old games, kinda cool and whatnot. SK pairing went down early, Ownage won on like day 3 and then town picked most of their lynch choices well to get second place fairly comfortably.

69. Looney Tunes Mafia by MetalX

Won by : Mafia

Heavily inactive game yet town started well and had a dayvig who killed some scum and stuff but then X modkilled inactives (all of which were town) so town lost like 4 people and scum got an easy win. Think this is a record for shortest completed game(around 200 posts or so)

70. WWE Tri-Branded Mafia 2.0 by DH

Won by : Rush (Serial Killer)

Short but entertaining game which Rus won w/ a fairly OP'd SK role (could pick mafia members by name and have them duel during the day) but he got copped by like 4 different people and still survived for about 3/4 days without dying so it's still a decent enough accomplishment even if he should've died a lot earlier.

71. WF Posters Mafia by Lostfap

Won by : Mafia

Leeroy made himself painfully obvious as scum and lawls did the same as his scumbuddy defending him and both were lynched early yet town did poor after that and lynched Rising when he claimed cop and BULK when he was obv yeah1993. STUFF showed his scum prowess by getting it DONE SON.

72. MMA Mafia by Rush

Won by : Mafia

Contained GOAT troll by Postage/Rising but some terrible play lead to some easy mislynches (sXe tunneling rising for fake role info on day 1 then getting lynched day 2 b/c of it being so lolbad). Lawls faked gunsmith and got a mislynch and then was a scumbomb so that kinda fucked town over even more. Only one
scum died i think so was fairly comprehensive in the end.

73. Dragon Ball Z Mafia by Mr. Lawls

Won by :
Jester (STUFF) / Town

Stellar steven lawls modding here included ending day when sXe was 2 off being lynched and allowing Rush to replace in despite serial killer faraday telling him that he killed him in his first life. Then sXe posted his role pm b/c he assumed since it wasn't in the rules he was allowed. LAWLS. Also replaced out RKO despite people having less posts so replaced him back in and let his replacement take someone elses role (loli'd hard). STUFF then won as jester by counterclaiming the miller (something i think he's done before too). SK Postage then pretty much led town to second w/ successful scum lynches before dying himself and letting town get the second place.

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