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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Smackdown Feedback!

Just starting this now so there might be some things here that have been answered previous.

First of all Iím loving the Booker T commentary.

Christian/Bryan is sort of a dream feud of mine and I can only see that match being an epic undercard encounter. The opening promo was really entertaining with Christian pretty much blackmailing Teddy. Iím interested in whether or not Teddy will make it as GM since heís been GM over there so long. Submission match for the briefcase takes the intensity of the match up a good 5 notches. Bryan has the advantage there but I wouldnít put anything past Christian.

Really well written Sin Cara/DiBiase match. Showed what both guys can do in the ring and I felt the ending was done perfectly. Sin Cara getting the IC title shot is really interesting because itís something we sort of all expected around the time of his return. The match itself made Sin Cara and DiBiase both look rather good.
Wade Barrett interview was pretty interesting. Seems like the usual Orton type of feud weíve seen since heís gone face. The six pack challenge theme to NOC is awesome, by the way.

Gabriel coming out to the theme he should have. Really strong job of showcasing what Gabriel can do here, not to mention Trent is a good worker too. Great to see Gabriel on a bit of a winning streak. Iíve always felt he was capable of midcard success. Nice show of respect as well.

RYBACK MATCH! Wait, itís just Henry. The pre-match antics of Watson/Titus are hilarious. Henry squashing people is always entertaining and he looks like he could be a potential favorite in the six pack. And here comes SHEAMUS! Big brawl between Sheamus and Henry here, sort of reminds me of those chaotic Orton/Henry brawls from around this time. Sheamus/Henry was a feud I honestly thought theyíd pick back up once Sheamus came back on top but surprisingly it never happened.

Really good interview from Bryan and I feel that you got his character down perfectly. Still face, but well aware of his own abilities. Christian coming over and trying to get Bryan to touch him. Heís always been a crafty one. With the no contact clause, I could see Christian hiring someone to jump D-Bryan next week. THE CUTTING EDGE!!!

Interesting win for Khali over Morrison. Not really sure where this is going but Iíve never really seen any push for Mahal or Khali in a BTB before. Could be interesting if thatís the direction for this. I feel as if Morrison is the kind of guy that could put over Mahal well if this is a long term thing. Mahal controlling Khali is also a very interesting concept that WWE sort of tried. These two being in the six pack give them a good high flyer and a big man. Well, a bigger man than Henry. But any chance you could sort of fill me in on what youíve done with Morrison, Khali and Jinder since you started?

Regal! Awesome to see him in action and I can imagine that tag match being really good. Heís a good veteran to put in a small feud with Rhodes/DiBiase.

Bateman/Curtis promo is hilarious. I havenít seen much of these guys but I knew Bateman could be funny. Thatís a really solid idea for a tag team, especially considering the recent chaos.

Pretty solid main event between Orton and Barrett. I never really dug the chemistry between these two guys but the way the match is written actually makes it sound solid. The aftermath makes this match though. Good little post-match brawl with Barrett getting the best of Orton and some nice momentum single digit days away from the PPV.

Good show you put out here and Iíll be back here giving Raw a look.

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