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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Triple H PPV Match Ratings : 2003

RR 03 vs Scott Steiner : 1/2 *
NWO 03 vs Scott Steiner : * 1/4
WM 19 vs Booker T : ****
BL 03 W Flair/Jericho vs Nash/Michaels/Booker : ***
JD 03 vs Kevin Nash : * 1/2
BB 03 vs Kevin Nash : : *** 1/2
Insurrexion 03 vs Kevin Nash : ** 3/4
Summerslam 03 Elimination Chamber : ***
Unforgiven 03 vs Goldberg : ** 1/4
Survivor Series 03 vs Goldberg : ** 1/4
ARM 03 vs Goldberg vs Kane : ** 1/2

This was obviously Hunter's worst year, as he had countless bad matches and only one match that was **** all year on PPV. The Steiner series is infamous for being one of the worst duo of PPV matches in WWE history, but the thing about these matches are that they're so bad they're actually ENTERTAINING. The first one is one of the most entertaining matches I've ever seen, with Steiner being so slow and incompetent that it's actually awesome. Probably Hunter's worst "Match". The No Way Out encounter isn't actually THAT horrendous as I felt Flair was pretty awesome in it, but it's still very very shitty.

The Wrestlemania match with Booker is fucking amazing. The storyline of Booker being a thug, along with the beautiful leg work and subsequent selling by booker is fantastic. That Indian death lock is legit amazing and I wish Hunter would have used it more as one of his finishers, I feel it would have added to his repetoire of moves that he already had. Seriously, I fucking LOVE that Indian Death Lock. Booker was awesome, and the whole Houston Hangover spot was probably the biggest moment in Booker T's career, barring his world title victory over Rey. Amazing match that gets overshadowed because it's on one of the greatest if not THE greatest card of all time.

The Backlash tag is a great/solid encounter with some good performances mainly coming from Shawn, Booker, Jericho and Flair. Hunter and Big Kev were pretty bad in this one, and it really showed. I also think that match, at 18 minutes long, could have used a bit of time taken off of it. Still though, a fairly great 6 man tag match, it just didn't have that BIG FEEL for me, which is strange because it's fucking HHH!

The three Nash matches are completely different in nature/ The Judgment Day match is a shitty excuse for a brawl, but it isn't entertainingly bad like the Steiner series. Sure it's a better match with some better storytelling, but it doesn't have Steiner utilizing 8 belly-to-bellies while screaming "HEH" over and over again. I've already went on record to say that the HIAC with Nash is a vastly underrated encounter as well, as HHH is pretty awesome in it (once again.. DAT LEG WORK ) with his great outside the cell counter to the Jacknife that was just plain fucking awesome. I like the TLC match slightly more because of the drama , but we'll see how that holds up in a few days and if it stays at the biased standard that I had it at before. The Insurrexion Street Fight is pretty good also, but not up to the HIAC standard. Once again, in a HHH match in 2003, Ric Flair somehow steals the show again. What exactly is up with that crazy old guy and his blade jobs ?

The Summerslam match gets shit on alot and for good reason, but I just loved the whole dynamic of Goldberg destroying EVERYBODY, but finally meeting his match when Evolution and the sledgehammer come into play. Granted I'm a HHH mark so obviously I loved that angle, but I understand that it's not for everyone. Once again, Michaels and Jericho stole the show, and along with that BEAUTIFUL Orton cross body (wtf happened to Randy anyways, such a nice dropkick and cross body back in the day), it made for a very ENTERTAINING match. Thank god Nash was barely in it.

The two Goldberg matches I have rated as below average, but for two completely different reasons. The first one is a pretty well wrestled match for Goldberg-2003 HHH standards, but it's just incredibly dull for me. The psychology isn't all that bad, but it was just boring as all fuck. The Survivor Series encounter is actually pretty awesome and probably ***-*** 1/4 material with all of HHH's leg work that was actually pretty exciting... Until Goldberg decides to fucking no sell the broken ankle and goes all Kurt Angle on Evolution, picking up the victory in a very super-saiyan type comeback. If it wasn't for how shitty Goldberg was in this match, it would have rated higher as it wasn't the borefest that the UNF match was.

The triple threat match was what it was ; A cheap way to get the title back on HHH. I thought it was a pretty average big man's triple threat, with there being some pretty good big man power moves and spots, but the action just being in slow motion at some points and the psychology being really shotty. There was lots of flash to the match at points, but the storytelling really wasn't all that consistent. Just average.

So glad to have 2003 Hunter all over with. Moving on to my favourite years of Hunter, 04 and 05, to which I have literally 90 percent of it already rated, I just need to watch like one match and do another write up. So basically, I recommend the Booker T match at Wrestlemania, and it's crazy to say, but the Steiner match at the Royal Rumble. You need to see it to believe it. I gave it half a star just for being hilarious.

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