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Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way

Road To Fully Loaded - Week 3

Raw - July 9th 2001

Raw was highly anticipated as the opening to the show saw WCW arriving with a strong contingent. Eric Bischoff and Shane McMahon led WCW Champion Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, WCW Tag Team Champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire, Lance Storm and the three guys who defected from the WWF, Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko.

As expected Vince came to try and prevent everyone bar Booker T and DDP from entering the building but Shane McMahon pulled out a piece of paper from the board of directors claiming they were granted permission to enter and that there would be a no touch rule. . . .unless the men were involved in a match. So Vince made two huge tag team matches for later on.

The first of those opened the show as the trio of WWF defectors made their way out to the ring an their opponents would be The Dudley Boys, whom Saturn and Malenko attacked on Smackdown and Jeff Hardy, who offered a challenge to The Guerreros for Fully Loaded. The match was going smoothly with WCW keeping the WWF guys grounded until Hardy exploded into action and WCW would pick up the win via outside interference from the APA, attacking Saturn and Malenko. After the match Eddie Guerrero got on the microphone and accepted Jeff Hardys challenge.

Test defeated Spike Dudley in a Hardcore Championship match, Test would be attacked by Crash Holly, Stevie Richards, Val Venis, D'Lo Brown during the match all trying to cash in from the 24/7 rule, but Test walked away still the Hardcore Champion as well as Intercontinental Champion.

The Hollys defeated Too Cool and KaiEnTai in a filler match. No storylines here

Albert took on European Champion Matt Hardy for his title and Chavo Guerrero came out to distract Matt Hardy as Albert hit a Baldo Bomb from the top rope. Albert won the championship and Matt Hardy was peeved.

The rest of the WCW clan were in action as Lance Storm, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O Haire took on Kurt Angle, Rhyno and Edge. Angle and Storm didnt meet in the ring as team WCW picked up their second victory of the night after a shock defection, Test. Test came in and nailed Rhyno with a big boot. Storm picked up the pinfall. The aftermath saw Angle come in and attack Test but as Storm hit Angle from behind Angle chased him up the ramp. Rhyno came to and chased Test through the crowd as Edge was left all alone with Palumbo and O'Haire and they set out to dismantle him again until Christian ran down to make the save.

Before the main event got going we had Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff come down to the ring and they asked for Vince to come out. When Vince arrived the WCW duo taunted him by saying they saw change in Vince, Vince was looking scared, scared because he knows the competition is stronger than the WWF.

Vince laughed it off and said he put WCW out once and we will do it again. Bischoff said Vince talks a lot but never puts actions to his empty threats. Bischoff says prove that WCW is not a threat. At the next pay-per-view, WCW v WWF.

Vince says that he and the WWF would be happy to kick the WCW back to the kerb where they belong but he wont give them the satisfaction of free tv time. Shane respond by saying fine, but not to expect WCW to go away anytime soon, they are in it for the long haul.

As Vince goes to respond Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way down to the ring and immediately tells Vince to let them go to war with WCW, because there will only be one winner and thats the WWF. And so he can get his hands on that 's.o.b' Booker T.

Vince again tries to respond but is interrupted once more by The Undertaker. Taker adds that he wants the same things Austin does, he wants DDP and he wants him ASAP. Vince finally bends to the pressure but isnt happy and says if it goes pearshaped then both men are to be held responsible. Taker says as long as 'your boy' doesnt repeat Smackdowns actions they will be fine

But those words were very tongue in cheek as in the main event after a petty argument, Undertaker chokeslams Austin giving Booker T the pinfall, after the match DDP and Booker T double team Taker and he gets taken out with a Diamond Cutter. As Raw goes off the air WCW stand tall having won all three matches between the two companies


Smackdown - July 12th 2001

After the way the main event ended on Raw it was no doubt that Stone Cold Steve Austin would be out to call Undertaker on his actions. Taker didnt make Austin wait long and quickly came down to the ring. Taker stated that he was looking out for number one and like Austin said didnt need a partner. Vince came out and said the duo would settle their differences in the main event with the WWF championship on the line

X-Pac defeated Grand Master Sexay in a Light Heavyweight championship match after the X-Factor. X-Pac then said he is still the best Light Heavyweight in the world and he is setting an open challenge to any WCW guy who has the guts to take him on. He even offers to put his title on the line.

The Dudleys had their rematch for the tag team titles but Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko came in and attacked both them and the APA and all six guys brawled. Vince McMahon came out and said he knows that he cant take away the title shot Saturn and Malenko earned but he can make it harder for them to win the titles. He makes a triple threat match for Fully Loaded, The APA defending against Saturn and Malenko and against The Dudley Boys

Albert defeated Matt Hardy and Billy Gunn in a European tite match to retain after hitting Gunn with the Baldo Bomb. Matt had ran off to the back after video of The Guerreros beating down Jeff was shown. Matt was too late as Jeff was laid out and The Guerreros gone

Tajiri was approached in the back by WCW star Raven, Raven said he has known Tajiri a lot longer than most of thses fake friends he has in the WWF and that Tajiri would be a great asset to WCW. Tajiri refuses to join though and Raven along with follower Stevie Richards beats down Tajiri.

Edge and Christian defeated The Holly Cousins in a good tag team match as Edge hit the spear on Hardcore. After the match Christian got on the microphone and said on behalf of his brother and himself they want Palumbo and O'Haire to try and beat them, because he knows they cant and it would just reak of awesomeness if he and Edge won the WCW tag team titles.

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho agreed that they wanted to do their part for team WWF so would team together against any two WCW stars. As Benoit took on Kurt Angle, Mike Awesome of WCW ran out and cost Benoit the match, Awesome hit the Awesome Bomb from the inside to the outside of the ring. Jericho came out too late for the save

Vince McMahon came out and said he was very disappointed, with Test. He called Test a dirty scoundrel and that unlike the others Test has no previous history with WCW so his defection has him baffled. Test makes his way down to the ring and doesnt look too unhappy, he looks rather pleased with himself. Test blamed the WWF for failing Test, Test said he felt the WWF was corrupted, with only ass kissers getting their dues and most importantly he could no longer work for a man whose slut daughter jilted him, a pain he had left inside himself bubbling away for years. As McMahon got irate, Test said he coudnt give a jot as he took Vinces head off with a big boot

Before their main event match both The Undertaker and Steve Austin made challenges to DDP and Booker T respectively. Both men then put on a hell of a show for a Smackdown main event but as Austin went for the stunner, Booker T ran in and nailed The Undertaker, causing the dq and Taker retained his title. Austin was furious as Booker T posed on the top of the ramp.

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