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Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way

The Road To Fully Loaded - Week 2

RAW - July 2nd 2001

Stone Cold Steve Austin came out to get the show going and as expected wanted Booker T to come out and get his ass whooped. Instead he was met by Vince McMahon who told Austin that despite knowing how he feels he just cannot let any WCW guys into the building. Especially since he had security increased, Austin questioned this by claiming Vince thinks he cant handle WCW. Vince said it was for the safety of the WWF and the safety of his assets, including Austin. Austin said he is not The Rock and doesnt need to be protected.

Before they could say anymore The Undertaker came out and the WWF Champion had a staredown with Austin before stating he totally agreed with Austin and that he ought to kick Vinces ass for not increasing security the moment his wifes saftey was in question. Both men pestered a cornerned Vince and Vince said he would see what he could do.

They were then interrupted by the titantron, Shane McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page smiled smugly. Shane said it was glad that the WWF had so much cohesion because they are going to need it. Bischoff then asked if they found the mole in the WWF camp. DDP then added a personal insult:

'Its nothing personal Take, just going after the biggest dog in the yard, your wifes body is just a bonus!!'

This got Taker real angry and Booker T said he has proved time after time he is the best champion that ever lived and Austin is just a bald headed drunk. Shane said his guys are the cream of the crop and they shall prove it next week on Raw, if Austin and Taker have the grapefruits.

Vince flatly refused but after pressure from both Undertaker and Austin, Vince reluctantly accepted.

An interview with Rhyno backstage on his King Of The Ring win was interrupted by a jealous Billy Gunn who would then take on Rhyno, and Rhyno would pick up a routine win with The Gore.

Test and Kane were booked into a match for the Intercontinental title and after a long hard battle Test would claim the gold after a Running Big Boot. Test showed a ruthless side as after the match he completely took Kane out with chair shots and finished wth a chairshot to the head over the steel steps

Backstage and a member of staff had a parcel for Steve Austin, Austin and Vince watched the footage but we at home werent showed what it contained. But the look on Austin and Vinces face told us it didnt make them happy, just very angry

The APA had their tag team title shot as they took on The Dudley Boys. Bradshaw pulled Bubba-Ray out when preparing 3-D and hit the Clothesline From Hell on D-Von for the second title change of the evening. The Dudleys didnt look happy though and vowed revenge

X-Pac retained the Light Heavyweight Championship against Crash Holly after hitting the X-Factor. X-Pac said he is the best Light Heavyweight in the world

Albert defeated D-Lo Brown in a match to confirm the number one contender to the European Championship. Albert won with a Baldo Bomb

Tha end of the show was Vince McMahon calling the entire roster out to the ring. Backed by Austin he claimed that they apparently have traitors in the camp. First Vince turned towards Chris Jericho, claiming he always wants to be the center of attention. Jericho full on refutes the claims, saying he would never return to the cesspit that is, has and always will be WCW. Thats response seemed to satisfy Vince

Vince then changed target to Chris Benoit claiming he has a soft spot for WCW and as a former star it makes sense. Benoit gets on the microphone and says he was WCW, he had some of his best moments in WCW, but the moment he left WCW was the moment he left WCW to achieve better things and he isnt the type of person to turn on the guys who had employed him.

Vince seemed to buy this but Austin wasnt, Austin grabbed the mic and said he dont trust Benoit and Benoit needs to prove he isnt a traitor. Austin says he knows who the traitor is and he has proof. This gets a nervous reaction from the WWF roster and Austin says play the tape. A tape plays and it infact is Eddie Guerrero who is on the video, Guerrero is seen having a long conversation with WCW star Chavo Guerrero, who is also his nephew. Eddie tried to plead his case but Austin immediately stuns him. Austin then tells Rhyno to Gore Guerrero and Rhyno obliges. Other stars add more injury. Benoit, a known friend of Guerrero, does nothing to stop the beatdown

Austin says Benoit passed his test, for now but he will be watching him. Vince then gets on the microphone and says this is what happens when you cross the WWF. If you dont like it then there is the door. Vince adds anyone who doesnt want to be part of his WWF can walk out now without any consequence. Everyone immediately looked at Benoit but instead it was his friends Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn that made for the exit, Benoit just turned his back on his friends leaving and Austin wanted to go after them but Vince told him to leave it, as they werent worth keeping anyway.


Smackdown - July 5th 2001

Smackdown was another eventful night and the show opened with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker having a staredown where they complained that they didnt want to tag together on Raw. Vince said it was in the best interests of the company. And that tonight would see a preview of Raw as both men would team to take on Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho in the main event.

In a straight forward near squash match, Rhyno defeated Scotty 2 Hotty with The Gore

A video was played of Eddie Guerrero talking about what happened on Raw. Eddie said he wasnt a mole, yes he was speaking with his nephew Chavo, but you cant choose who your family is. But you can choose who you fight for, and after the events of monday night EEddie Guerrero stated he would be defecting to WCW, because there is no respect in the WWF. He claimed that the WWF would be sorry for their actions.

Jeff Hardy defeated Billy Gunn in a great match after a Swanton Bomb. Jeff grabbed the microphone after the match and said he heard what Eddie Guerrero had to say. He said he didnt agree with what happened to Eddie on Raw but he didnt agree with what Eddie had to say. Jeff said it is true that you cant choose your family, but you can choose the path you take and Eddie is taking the wrong one. Jeff says he and his brother Matt are offering a challenge to the Guerreros for Fully Loaded and that we will find out who the tighter family is.

The APA had a successful non title victory over Hardcore and Crash Holly and as they celebrated after a Dominator, Eric Bischoff appeared on the big screen, Bischoff said they shoud enjoy holding those belts while they can, because a WCW tag team will be taking them off their hands very soon. Bradshaw and Faarooq were then ambushed by Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko, sporting WCW shirts, both men were laid out

Kurt Angle took on Matt Hardy in a non-title match and Angle picked up the win after an Olympic Slam. As Angle celebrated Lance Storm appeared on the titantron (how do they keep doing it) and ran Angle down, claiming Angle thinks that was a victory much like he continues to ram his gold medal down our throats, Storm says that was five years ago and Angle still isnt in his league. Storm says Angle needs a wake up call and he is about to give him one. The video kept on playing and froze as it was a recording and Storm snuck into the ring and Superkicked Angle. Storm looked over Angle smirking before running off from the rushing security.

Edge had been asking around to see if anyone had seen Christian which they hadnt and as Edge took on Albert, WCW Tag Team champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire hit the ring and took Edge out. They had Edge up on Palumbos shoulders as O'Haire climbed the top rope, Ohaire hit a massive Doomsday Blockbuster Neckbreaker and Edge was out cold in the ring as Christian was nowhere to be seen.

The main event was next and Vince ordered that the locker room act as lumberjacks for the main event as he didnt want WCW ruining his show any longer. But the mayhem would be caused in the ring as Austin stunned The Undertaker before leaving and Benoit picked up the victory. Austin just looked at Vince on his way up the ramp and told him he didnt need no partner. Vince looked unhappy as Smackdown went off the air

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