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Re: How good was Tully Blanchard ???

Originally Posted by I AM A MAAAAN View Post
Tully, Arn, Ric and JJ were amazing together. I remember actually starting watching WWF in the late 80's to see Arn and Tully.
Funnily enough it was ex NWA/WCW guys going to WWE that got me into WWE as well. I remember seeing a video for Survivor Series in 1989 with Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard on the back in their team and though "wow i saw them in NWA/WCW" so had one of my family buy it. I had been bought other WWE videos before but none that had excited me as much as Survivor Series in 1989 and then once The Road Warriors and Ric Flair also went to WWE i became a weekly viewer.

It's such a shame that Jim Crockett and Dusty Rhodes didn't see eye to eye with Tully Blanchard in NWA/WCW back in latter 1988 because that was for me basically the beginning of the end for Tully Blanchard. All he had said was if NWA/WCW wanted to make as much money from their upcoming PPV as they believed they could then they needed to do Road Warriors/Four Horsemen on the PPV instead of Midnight Express/Four Horsemen. Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson were actually getting paid less than a lot of people back then despite being involved in all the biggest storylines and matches which is why they left NWA/WCW for WWE.

I think that once Ric Flair left for WWE in 1991 that Tully Blanchard could have been a World champion at that time as he was a much better heel, better in ring worker and better on the mic than Lex Luger and Barry Windham and was far more established. Before Vader came in and Rick Rude was pushed to the main event scene i think a Sting/Blanchard feud over the World title would have worked brilliantly and probably done a good deal of work for the reign Sting had as World champion in that time.

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