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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Smackdown Feedback

Christian started off fine here with Teddy, usual kind of interaction between the two we’ve seen of late. I liked the two letter idea though the first one where you said ‘because Teddy Long sucks’ wasn’t exactly a great reason was it lol? Good choice from Long in making Christian face Bryan at the PPV, should be a hell of a match, chance for both men to shine. Christian wanting Bryan to put the briefcase on the line is great, makes the match more meaningful, the interaction between the two men after wasn’t great though, Bryan just coming out with the submission statement was a bit soon, I would’ve had them interact a bit more before maybe he throws that out there, explain that if he’s gonna put that on the line then he’d like Christian to do something for him, lead him on a bit.

Solid contest between Cara and DiBiase here. I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy the Intercontiental challenges you’ve been doing and this was no different. Cara/Rhodes should be a good one.

Barrett interview was good here, faded a bit at the end but it was generally quite strong, a little short however but statement made and should be a good main event later on.

Big win for Gabriel here, nice to see him continuing to rise up the ranks.

Watson and O’Neill versus Mark Henry? Hmmm, who’ll be winning this? Easy as can be for Mr.Henry. More importantly though it was nice to see the continuation of his feud with Sheamus. These two had quite the brawl and it’s good to see these two brutes just going at it week after week heading into Night of Champions though you have to feel they’re maybe a tad too distracted from the World title.

Honestly I wasn’t too keen on Bryan here. He’s a tough guy to write for, especially as a face, he was bland as anything at this point in real life so you’ve got some work to do to make him an interesting character. I did like you bringing up tap or snap though. Christian getting involved was to be expected and glad you kept the tension between the two building with this.

Cutting Edge next week? Should be a good one.

Khali should never be beating Morrison but I guess you gotta build him up a touch going into NOC so understandable. Mahal getting involved makes sense in a way though I’m sure a seven foot three inch giant doesn’t need his help lol.

Enjoyed this interaction between Rhodes and DiBiase, keep building the tension between the two and hopefully it leads to a feud, be it a mini one or long drawn out, should be good. Regal and Cara vs. Rhodes and DiBiase will be a good tag match.

I had a couple of laughs at this with Bateman and Curtis, enjoyed it. If you got two guys like these two who aren’t going anywhere or doing anything then why not team them up? I like it.

Main event time! Solid contest between the two men here but I didn’t like the end. I agree with you that it shouldn’t have ended clean but Barrett simply not letting up on Orton was a bit tame, you could’ve gone with the chair ambush during the match and just made Barrett look a ruthless S.O.B. Aftermath was well done though.

On the whole a solid show. Christian/Bryan should be good come NOC while Sheamus/Henry and Cara/Rhodes developed nicely here. A few characters here and there still need some work but with time you’ll get it right and the Cutting Edge next week should help with regards to that(Bryan). Main event picture is shaping up nicely heading into the big event.
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