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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by K1ngOfK1ngs View Post

Yeah1993, I watched the NWO match with Angle as well as the RR01 match with Angle today (damn I've been watching alot of matches today), and I can tell you that while I have the RR01 match rated slightly higher, Hunter's performance is far better in the NWO match. You can really feel in that match that he NEEDS to win, and I think it's the first time that he really hammers down how to draw the sympathy from the fans with his facial expressions. When you watch the match you're like "how the FUCK will HHH get out of this one ?", and although Angle does some of his typical bullshit (running up the turnbuckle like he's spiderman), the match was pretty great at *** 1/4. I don't think Angle and Hunter ever wrestled a CLASSIC one on one match, but they always put on some good performances as like I said before, A person with power in the locker room can force Angle to give up his bullshit for the most part.
I was actually suprised at how good Hunter looked as the Against the World wrestler, for lack of a better term. Kind of wish he just stayed the babyface the whole year, but I've never really dug the Jericho feud. Angle match was definitely the best he looked from his shitty 02-03 period.

The SummerSlam three-way is whatever, but there's a another three-way with the same three guys from the 6/26 Raw or SmackDown (IDR which) that people really, really need to see. Blows the PPV one out of the water.

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