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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Triple H PPV Match Ratings : 2000 (part two)

FL 00 vs Chris Jericho- : *****
Summerslam 00 vs Rock vs Kurt Angle : ***
Unforgiven 00 vs Kurt Angle- : *** 1/2
No Mercy 00 vs Chris Benoit- : **** 1/4
Survivor Series 00 vs Steve Austin : ***
Armageddon 00 6 man HIAC : ****

I've already come out and said yesterday that the Fully Loaded match with Jericho is one of my favourite matches of all time, and IMO it's one of the greatest matches (top 10-20) in WWF/WWE history. The psychology, the storytelling, the brutality and the sheer way that everything just seemed to CLICK on one particular night was fantastic. One of the greatest gimmick matches EVER. You want more thoughts on how awesome it is, just go back a few pages, amazing.

I've already reviewed the Summerslam match as well, and my thoughts on it are the same after I've watched it for probably the 10th time ; It's pretty good, but one of the most overrated matches of all time IMO. I've seen people give this match like **** 1/4 and I just don't see it here. It's like a more exciting version of Hunter-Rock from OTE 99 with Kurt Angle thrown into the mix doing some pretty ridiculous shit as well. I had FUN watching it and like I said, it's pretty good, but Rock marks seem to fucking LOVE this match and I have no idea why.

The Unforgiven match with Angle I thought had some fantastic ribwork and psychology with a half decent pace. They told a pretty consistent story throughout with the whole "ZOMG STEPHANIE" thing that really didn't work out in the end anyways for Hunter, but it does in this match however. This match had it's Angle spots, but it also had enough 2000 HHH goodness for my liking and Hunter was a borderline tweener at this point. I thought Hunter did a FANTASTIC job at getting Angle to wrestle HIS style of match and not go out of HHH's element, which is something that only a more powerful person than Angle can do (See; Stone Cold, Steve Austin).

The No Mercy match was a fucking classic although I've seen some people give it **** 3/4 which is actually insane (COUGH Brett Mix, COUGH). The idea of the match is simple ; Benoit wrestles like Hunter in the sense that he picks a body part and just goes at it, and Hunter wrestles like Benoit in the sense that he is just technically grinding it out on the mat out-wrestling Benoit. Perhaps it's Hunter's finest PURE WRESTLING match, as I loved every single second of this one. I can DEFINITELY see why some people wouldn't like this, but it's HHH in 2000 putting on a wrestling clinic as a fan favourite over an intense Benoit.

The Survivor Series match wasn't a wrestling match so I didn't rate it as one. It was just one huge brawl all over the arena that didn't really have any direction but I'll be DAMNED if I wasn't entertained ! I bumped this down about a half a star because of the fucking ridiculous ending, but this match I feel exemplifies the reckless style of SCSA that you can either love or hate. Definitely not their best match together, and yet again I can see why people would hate it, but it's just a fun brawl and not much else.

I've already reviewed the HIAC and my thoughts stay the same ; It's a near classic with some great brawling, some big names, a big fight atmosphere, some crazy spots, and it has a typical attitude era style. Just the fact that these 5 superstars (minus Rikishi) are facing off against one another makes this match great. HHH wasn't a focal point of this at all, but I thought it was cool to end off one of the greatest years by a performer in wrestling history, with ANOTHER **** match.

Yeah1993, I watched the NWO match with Angle as well as the RR01 match with Angle today (damn I've been watching alot of matches today), and I can tell you that while I have the RR01 match rated slightly higher, Hunter's performance is far better in the NWO match. You can really feel in that match that he NEEDS to win, and I think it's the first time that he really hammers down how to draw the sympathy from the fans with his facial expressions. When you watch the match you're like "how the FUCK will HHH get out of this one ?", and although Angle does some of his typical bullshit (running up the turnbuckle like he's spiderman), the match was pretty great at *** 1/4. I don't think Angle and Hunter ever wrestled a CLASSIC one on one match, but they always put on some good performances as like I said before, A person with power in the locker room can force Angle to give up his bullshit for the most part.

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