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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

here is the review i wrote for a match up from Great Bear Promotions, debut show, i think this match can be found on youtube here is the mini review

Match 3 – Chris Brookes vs Jonathan Gresham [****]

Holy Shit what a great match up this was and something i was not expecting. In probably the biggest match of his career the tall and young looking Chris Brookes took on American and CZW star Jonathan Gresham. This was the first time i had ever seen both guys compete before and to be honest i thought Jonathan Gresham was just a spotty highflier from the states but man was i wrong and if he ever reads this i apologies for thinking that, not that he probably will. This match blew me away and i wasn’t expecting the action that was about to occur before my eyes. The match up started with Gresham and Brookes going at it in the technical wrestling stakes and going hold for hold, along with some beautiful counters and transitions which were a joy to behold. It was really smooth and just looked fantastic which had the 25 strong crowd applauding throughout numerous stages as both guys jockeyed to gain the upper hand and show their technical wrestling prowess. This went on for a good 5 minutes or so with the match up taking a turn, a real stiff turn as both guys beat the shit out of one another with some real stiff chops and forearms coming from Gresham and some tasty looking kicks and forearms from Brookes. The two took it in turns to batter one another, again with the crowd applauding every strike these two unloaded on one another. The pace in the action heated up once more and Gresham hit a fantastic combination of a Jawbreaker and then a RKO. As the pace quickened the two again competed with one another move for move and strike for strike. A fantastic sequence then occurred with both guys trading pin attempts i counted about 10, the finish saw Gresham able to pick up the win when he was able to make Brookes submit when he locked him in an Octopus stretch type submission hold. Post match Gresham and Brookes shock hands and hugged in the middle of the ring. Wow what a match up, it lasted 13 minutes and was non stop action throughout, i certainly wasn’t expecting what i saw there, such a great match up. My initial thoughts of Jonathan Gresham being a spotty highflyer were totally dispelled in this match up, the guys a machine a fantastic wrestler. I would love to see him in a singles match up against say a Jack Gallagher or maybe a Zack Sabre Jr somewhere down the line. As for Chris Brookes this was a breakout match for the youngster and he never in my opinion looked out of depth with his vaster experienced foe and kept up with him move for move and strike for strike throughout this great contest, Brookes is certainly one to look out for in the future and keep an eye out for as i shall be doing and id love to see these two go at it again whether it is for Great Bear Promotions or another promotion in the UK, a rematch could be even better. On a side note if this match up was played out in a packed crowd with a great atmosphere i have no doubt the rating and the match up itself would be even better, its such a shame that only 25 people got to see this match live, but hey, good job Great Bear Promotions released it on DVD.
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