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Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way

The Road To Fully Loaded - Week 1

After the way King Of The Ring went the opening to Raw as as expected, very hostile as Vince McMahon came trunching down to the ring to criticise his son Shane McMahon. He blasted the intruder of his main event ' Bookey T' and the other invader of the evening ' Lance Armstorm' claiming they had no right interfering in WWF matches.

Vince wouldnt be alone long though as he was interrupted by glass shattering and the emergence of the now former WWF champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin as expected claimed he was robbed and said Vince as his friend should grant him a rematch. Vince aid he would be happy to and made the match for Smackdown.

Both men attentions were caught by the titantron as Shane McMahon appeared, Shane said he hoped they enjoyed the show last night. Shane said he didnt want to resort to the dirty underhand tactic his father is used to, but he had no choice. Shane said WCW tried to get their own TV deal but Vince blocked all the avenues, so they decided they would steal the WWFs TV time.

Shane then stated that if Vince didnt want to play fair, then neither could he, like father like son. And he said there was plenty of volunteers in aiding Shanes cause to fight the WWF, other wrestling businessmen ruined by the ruthless streak of Vince and their pride dented by Vince forcing failure upon them. Vince looked towards the commentary booth at Paul Heyman but Shane laughed saying he had someone better, someone who would really get under the skin of his father.

Eric Bischoff!!!!

Vinces face dropped as Bischoff came into the picture and Bischoff said it was great t be back with WCW, a company he built up and Vince dragged down. But he had a couple of choice words for Vince McMahon:

'The War Is Back On!'

The crowd are hot at this and Shane then says he has another guest for Vince to meet but he cant be here right now, because he is behind you. Austin and Vince turn around and Booker T nails Austin with the WCW World Championship. McMahon is left open mouthed as Booker T escapes security through the crowd

Throughout Raw, the new WWF Champion, The Undertaker was seen walking through the backstage areas paranoid of his wife Saras stalker amid the reveleation he would reveal himself tonight. Taker even grabbed Kurt Angle and accused him of being the stalker and then a little slip of the tongue got Angle in trouble. Angle said he had better things to do than stalk Takers wife and this seemed to please Undertaker till Angle stupidly added that she wasnt his type. Undertaker took offense and said he would see Angle in the ring tonight and prepare to have his ass handed to him.

Also on Raw Kane tried in vain to find Test, after the latter turned on his tag team partner at King Of The Ring but Test apparently had the night off.

The team of Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko became the number one contenders to the tag team titles once The APA had their shot after defeating Tajiri and Spike Dudley

Eric Bischoff then returned via titantron and said he would like to relay information to the WWF that several of their stars have offered their services to the WCW. Bischoff wouldnt state who and Jim Ross and Paul Heyman added that they didnt know whether to trust a word Eric Bischoff says

X-Pac retained the Light Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Hardy with the use of the tights.

And D-Von Dudley defeated Faarooq in a warm up to the WWF Tag Team Championship match between their respective teams

The main event between The Undertaker and Kurt Angle ended via disqualification when a video started playing on the titantron of Undertakers wife when a masked attacker came through the crowd and hit his finisher on The Undertaker, yes it was revealed to be Diamond Dallas Page, and he just laid out the WWF Champion with a Diamond Cutter to end the show


Smackdowns main focus would be the WWF Championship match between The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Both men were interviewed durng the evening but aimed their verbal attacks towards WCW stars Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page

Chris Benoit made an apology to Chris Jericho about his actions at King Of The Ring, where he refused to release the Crossface on the outside. Jericho seemed reluctant to accept an apology but the two were placed in a tag team match against The Hardy Boys which they won. Both men were also accused of being a defector and Vince McMahon said he would get to the bottom of it on Raw.

Kurt Angle issued a challenge to Lance Storm

'You dont mess with an Olympic Gold Medalist and I will fight you anywhere anytime, its true its damn true!!!'

Christian was still down in the dumps and no showed when Edge took on Justin Credible, Edge was beatne down by Credible and X-Pac with Christian nowhere to be seen

Other matches included Bradshaw defeating Bubba Ray Dudley and the King Of The Ring Rhyno defeating Albert.

The main event for the WWF Championship was going all Stone Colds way until Booker T appeared on the titantron goading Austin and stating he is coming to see him on Raw. This gave Taker the chance to hit the Chokeslam for the three count. DDP then came out onto the ramp and Taker as expected chased after him but was lured right into an ambush. WCW stars Chuck Palumbo, Sean O'Haire, Shawn Stasiak, Mark Jindrak and Chris Kanyon were in the parking lot waiting and Undertaker was left in a heap as Smackdown went off the air
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