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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

JAM's Review

This ongoing feud with Teddy Long and Christian has been really good in this thread. Christian is one of my favorites so I'm glad to see that he's still high up in the card. It was a nice touch having Christian come down with two letters in hand and threatening Teddy Long. But instead of giving him a match, I applaud you that you found something else for Christian while elevating someone else in the process. I can see Christian winning this match and Bryan turning heel soon, there's just a lot of ways to go with this, so I'm looking forward to it.

The Cody Rhodes challenge is definitely different from what I've seen other people who book this time period. I think it's a great idea that you still have Dibiase paired up with Rhodes. This way, only do you build Rhodes up, you build Dibiase up, so it's two birds with one stone really. I can see that Dibiase will actually be the one who takes the title off Rhodes but not after a lengthy reign. Even if you put these guys in the Tag Team division, it'd be great. LOLOL @ REGAL

Really good promo by Barrett here. Good analogy with the whole cutting off the head of a snake thing, that was brilliant. Barrett is one of the best talkers in the WWE I believe so it must be fun writing for him. Maybe he goes over in the main event?

Gabriel with another win, definitely a fan of his. Maybe next week he goes up against someone big, maybe Christian to continue his losing streak? That would definitely get him higher up there. But he's fine where he is, he's a spot monkey so he'll be on the card nonetheless. I prefer him as a singles competitor so that's good to see. You're building up a pretty good midcard dude.

Wish that you paired up Titus and Darren Young but Percy Watson is a pretty good character too. The aftermath of the match was excellent. You have security come down once more which I think was a good touch but maybe something else could've happened between the two? Maybe something where Henry walks out but that would hurt his WSM gimmick so I see why you did what you did. Poor secuirty dudes tryin' to break this up.

LOLOL @ Booker, typical Booker T here with a line of confusion about Morrison's entrance. Well anyway, it'll be good to see Edge come back with his show, I expect a heated confrontation between him and Christian. Now that I think of Christian's match against Bryan, I wonder why Teddy would just grant Christian a match for the briefcase, hmm. But anyway, it's still going to be a really great match!

Adding another team in Curtis and Bateman? They're a pretty good team from what I've seen in the past. Pretty comical segment here, so their gimmick is superheroes, yeah? Kind of? Ohwell, another team in the division is fine by me. Just get those titles off Otunga-Cutty please.

What a main event, exactly how I thought it would be. Barrett will definitely be a favorite going into NoC and I can even see him winning but I think it'd be pretty good if we see Barrett chase the title until the next PPV. With Orton's shoulder severely hurt, it'll definitely be a task for Orton to retain. I like how you emphasize that which kind of throws us off as to who will win, good job dude.

Overall, a really enjoyable Smackdown. Your work with Christian has been the highlight of the show for me. And with Orton being your champion and Barrett going for the gold, there's a lot to look forward to. I much prefer your Smackdown to your RAW just because there's more wrestling but it seemed like a balanced show here with promos and wrestling. Oh and I miss your Georgia font, go back to that plz Night of Champions is shaping up to be a great Pay-Per-View, can't wait!
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