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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

El Generico vs Sara Del Rey - Chikara Hot Off The Griddle
Felt a lot like an old school ROH match. Put two great wrestlers together, give them time and a small story and let the rest just happen because it's bound to be great. Male/Female at the start was great and Generico is the perfect guy to be working that story. Then it just turns into 2 great wrestlers having a great wrestling match and it felt like such a treat because you don't get that on the Indies much these days. Just 2 great wrestlers doing great wrestling like it used to be. Picks up for the finish exactly like you'd want it to and they work a really good, hot finish without ever going overboard or going past their peak.


Watched the 2 Generico/Del Sol matches from last weekend too. Neither were great. Thought the 1st was very good and I enjoyed it. Del Sol's getting overhyped because he's a good flippy dude in a pool of not so good generic dudes. Some of his stuff looks cool but then some other stuff isn't very smooth at all and makes him look geeky. 2nd match I didn't really enjoy. It's basically the same match but in a shitty venue with a crowd who look like they all got in for free on the door. Hated how they didn't play off any spots the night before and just worked the exact same spots. If you're doing the same pairing 2 nights in a row then it's the perfect chance to play off a ton of spots because they're fresh in everyone's minds. Del Sol almost fucked up another dive too and looked iffy on some of his spots again. The Generico/CVE angle after the 1st match was awesome. Generico's reaction to kicking her was godly.
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