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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

ROH Championship
Kevin Steen vs Davey Richards- Border Wars

I've been looking forward to this for quite some time. Davey Richards, ROHs main man versus Wrestling's Worst Nightmare Kevin Steen. This has to be one of ROHs best built up matches in history. I loved the promos for it and in an unrelated note kinda showed how Punk/Cena should have been built up. Richards is the face but unlike Cena he doesn't want a match because it'd be an awesome match but, because he wants to kick Steen's ass. Steen's manipulation to get this match was also tremendous..

Speaking of Cena/Punk this match had a similar atmosphere to it. The crowd was in full support of their countryman Steen and fully against Richards. And Richards, again unlike Cena, doesn't try to win them over, he says "Fuck you guys, I'm winning this damn match and I don't give two shits what I have to do it"

Steen sells his knee awesomely in this match and Richards pulling out the D.R. Driver made me MTFO. I love how they sold that it was all on the line for both guys. That this was Steen's only chance and Richards had to fight for the company. When Steen won I lost my shit, even though I kinda knew it was happening. Silken not giving him the belt was another nice touch, not sure what to make of the Corino stuff.

This might be my MOTY the only thing keeping it from 5* is a few nitpicks ( The crowd is a little quiet at times; Kevin Kelly commentary is a bit off in terms of the drama in the match) but still a classic.

FAVORITE SPOT: Definitely the DR Driver; honorable mention to Richards flipping off the crowd. Both illustrated his frustration and desperation with this moment at hand.


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