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Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way

World Wrestling Federation presents

King Of The Ring 2001


The King Of The Ring is a high in tradition pay-per-view that contains the culmination of the King Of The Ring tournament. The remaining participants in the tournament were Kurt Angle, Edge, Rhyno & Christian, all four friends who would vy for the title of King Of The Ring
But Kurt Angle would also be in action in another match as he would take on the new owner of WCW in a Street Fight, this match taking place after Shane interrupted Angles celebration of reclaiming his gold medal. WWF owner Vince McMahon has also been vocal in encouraging Angle to decimate his son.

There would be two titles defended at the pay-per-view as The Dudley Boys would defend the Tag Team Championship against the Intercontinental Champion Kane and the Hardcore Champion Test. And the main event for the evening would see WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin, forced to defend the belt in a fatal four way by the WWF Board of Directors. His opponents being Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and The Undertaker.

The Undertaker was having his own problems as his wife was mysteriously being stalked for the last few months. Undertaker has continually pledged to find out the idenity of the stalker and has aspirations to win the WWF Championship to use as bait. Jericho and Benoit have been at loggerheads with the previous Two Man Power Trip of Austin and Triple H, who had an unfortunate injury during a tag match. Both would get their chance at Austin to try and win their first WWF Championship

In other matches their would be a fatal four way number one contenders match for the Tag Team Championships and the pre-show Heat would have both Hardy boys defending their European and Light Heavyweight against tag team partners Justin Credible and X-Pac respectively

Matt Hardy (c) defeated Justin Credible to retain WWF European Title

Lita would as always get herself involved and her assist gave Matt the win after a Twist Of Fate

X-Pac defeated Jeff Hardy (c) to win the WWF Light Heavyweight Title

X-Pac would claim the belt after Pacs partner the recently defeated Credible interjected himself into the match and cost Jeff the win
A very mixed bag for Team Extreme


And so finally the King Of The Ring pay per view would kick off, and on commentary would be good ol' Jim Ross and former ECW owner Paul Heyman. They plugged the nights matches and Jim Ross said he couldnt wait to see Shane McMahon get his ass kicked by Kurt Angle whilst Heyman added that Angle might have to wrestle three times as he is in the tournament to crown the King Of The Ring

And Kurt Angle himself would be the first out as he took on close friend Christian for a place in the KOTR final. The match would be a decent opener and Angle had all the momentum as he hit the Olympic Slam but Christians swinging leg took the referee down with him. Angle covered but there was no referee to make the count and when Shane McMahon appeared Angle was distracted as Shane had a chair and despite taking the chair off of Shane and swung at the fleeing WCW owner and Christian took the opportunity to roll up Angle and the recovering referee made the three count. Chrstian defeated Kurt Angle by pinfall to advance to the King Of The Ring Final. A shokced Christian celebrated whilst an even more shocked Angle ran after Shane who had disappeared.

The show would quickly continue with the tag team fatal four way match for an opportunity to challenge the WWF Tag Team champions. It would be The APA versus Too Cool versus KaiEnTai versus The Holly Cousins and like most expected Faarooq and Bradshaw picked up the win after a Clothesline From Hell on Funaki The APA defeated KaiEnTai, Too Cool and The Holly Cousins by pinfall to become tag team title #1 contenders

The second semi-final of the King Of The Ring tournament would be up next as Edge tried to emulate brother Christians win as he took on The Man Beast Rhyno. The match would be a great variant of style as Edge used his speed to combat the power of Rhyno but it wasnt enough as Rhyno would win with the devestating Gore. Rhyno defeated Edge by pinfall to advance to the King Of The Ring Final

The first championship match of the night would follow as The Dudley Boys defended their belts against the Intercontinental Champion Kane and the Hardcore Champion Test. Nobody fancied The Dudleys to keep their straps but nobody also saw Test hitting his own partner with a big boot and walking out which gave D-Von and Bubba Ray the chance to hit the 3-D fr the win. The Dudley Boys defeated Kane & Test to retain the WWF Tag Team Championships Test was seen on camera mouthing that he is better than Kane and better than this match

The next match would be the highly anticipated Hardcore rules match between Kurt Angle and WCW owner Shane McMahon and before the match Shane was interviewed and stated it wasnt his fault he was forced to interrupt Angles medal ceremony because of his fathers attempts to keep WCW off the television. In the locker room Angle was seen being approached by Vince McMahon with the notion to break his son in half. Angle told Vince that the only thing Shane will be running after tonight is a hospital bill. Its true its damn true.

The match didnt disappoint either with Kurt Angle making Shane McMahon look great and Angle hit the Olympic Slam off the top rope but the end was controversial as immediately Angle was Superkicked by WCW superstar Lance Storm interfering. Storm pulled Shane over Angle for the three count. Shane McMahon defeated Kurt Angle by pinfall. Storm escaped security through the crowd as a seething Vince was seen destroying his office

It was time to crown the King Of The Ring and Rhyno took on Christian with both men haking hands before the match, Edge had previously been told by Christian to stay in the back as he could do this alone. Rhyno literally picked apart Christian and Edge came down to try and stop the match but Rhyno said there was nothing Rhyno could do to stop this as he Gored Christian for the win. Rhyno defeated Christian by pinfall to become King Of The Ring. Edge tried to help Christian up but was shoved down by an angry Christian who left alone. Rhyno was thereafter crowned King Of The Ring

Before the main event all four competitors were interviewed on their chances of walking away WWF champion. Stone Cold Steve Austin said there was no chance anyone was taking his belt because he was the greatest WWF champ of all time. Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho talked about the reason they are here is to win championships. The Undertaker was a little different with the WWF Championship a mere second thought to him as he mouthed off about finding the mystery stalker of his wife

The match itself was the match of the night as Austin, the villain of the match taking control as Benoit and Jericho, tag partners going into the match, exploded on one another and spilt to the outside as Benoit wouldnt release the Crossface. The referee was on the outside breaking up the hold as Austin went for the Stone Cold Stunner and WCW wrestler Booker T levelled the champ with the WCW championship. Booker T ran back through the crowd as Taker looked shocked but hit The Last Ride on Austin for the pin and the three count. The Undertaker defeated Steve Austin (c), Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit to become the WWF Champion

But the shock of WCW invading King Of The Ring wouldnt be the last as a video played on the titantron of Undertakers wife being stalked live, and the video ended with a flashing logo stating that in 24 hours the stalker would reveal themselves

So WWF King Of The Ring was a shocker, for all the right reasons. WCW laid down their markers, Rhyno put his name up there with the greats and a new WWF champion was crowned, albeit controversially.

King Of The Ring 2001 Results

Christian defeated Kurt Angle in King Of The Ring Semi Final

The APA defeated KaiEnTai, Too Cool and The Holly Cousins to become #1 contenders to WWF Tag Team Championships

Rhyno defeated Edge in King Of The Ring Semi Final

The Dudley Boys defeated Kane and Test to retain the WWF Tag Team Championships

Shane McMahon defeated Kurt Angle in a Hardcore Rules Street Fight

Rhyno defeated Christian to become King Of The Ring

The Undertaker defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit to become WWF Champion
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