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WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way

Back in 2001 the WWF purchased rival promotion WCW.

Vince McMahon tried as hard as he could to get them a TV deal of their own but the misfortunes and terrible ratings that led to WCW being bought out meant they werent afforded a TV deal so Vince McMahon decided to book an angle that would last throughout the whole of 2001, WCW would invade the WWF

This was seen as a moneymaker, a win-win situation where the only problem would be counting so much money and ratings

Yet the angle seemed to disappoint

- Many believed having the big stars of WCW missing made WCW weak so a WCW v WWF feud didnt seem legit

- ECW were involved and many think that they should never have been involved

- Vince booked the WWF to run clean victories over the WCW guys sometimes flatening them (DDP) and forced WCW to cheat at every opportunity

- The McMahons took over, it ended up with Shane and Steph taking on their daddy, instead of someone who actually had a WCW heart and soul

Now I will try to address this by rebooking the angle starting from King Of The Ring 2001, Shane McMahon did buy WCW as orgnally played out and had been appearing on WWF programming to try and get WCW some air time, including interrupting Kurt Angle which led to a match at the PPV

King Of The Ring shall be up shortly
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