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Re: Starrcade 97...how would you have booked the ending and Bret Hart?

It's a really simple bit of booking, Hogan and Sting get 20 mins, Sting starts strong, Hogan gets the upper hand, Sting comes back to win.

If you want to gimmick the match, here's the easy way to do it. Nick Patrick tries to fast-count/slow-count in Hogans favour throughout the match (and doesn't fuck it up) but Sting gets out clean from every fast count attempt. Sting comes back strong at the end, hits the Scorpion Death Drop and Patrick just refuses to bring his hand down for the three. Hogan gets back up, puts Sting in a submission hold, Nick looks like he's going to 'ring the fucking bell' but before he can, Sting powers out and puts Hogan in the Scorpion Deathlock and he taps clean.

No Bret Hart interference, Sting goes over as a strong babyface and Bret comes in in the new year to challenge him for the title while the nWo, realising that not only have they lost but that they aren't even in the main event anymore start to disintegrate under the pressure. By June '98 the nWo is completely broken and Hogan has one last face run before actually retiring properly and doing his farewell job to Goldberg at Starrcade '98.

And while I'm at it, I'd like a pony.
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