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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

I’m a little torn on the opening here. I liked the urgency of the commentary, and the hard sell of the controversy out of ‘Mania’s main event, but I’m still a sucker for tradition. I still think the ‘Mania recap video should/could have been shown, with extra detail highlighting the controversy of the main event, and then the commentators go into the hard sell. With that being said, the commentators did a good job of setting up the opening promo.

To be honest, Edge’s promo was an all around solid promo. Nothing ground breaking, but you’re playing up this “I was screwed” angle which allows Edge to be at his whinging, annoying, slightly demented best. A lot of bookers around this place use Edge in that role, and why the hell not? It seems like great fun to write, and it’s fun to read. So yeah, good start, but I was more than shocked to see him get interrupted by Chris Benoit. You had an interesting opening on Raw as well, and I love how you’re giving both brands a fresh start post ‘Mania. That’s not to say an Edge/’Tista rematch won’t happen, it will, but a lot of bookers fall into the trap of making the shows before and after ‘Mania seem way to similar, or the shows after ‘Mania become stagnant. I must admit I found it rather ironic that Benoit was calling somebody else out for being boring on the mic. Again, everything Benoit said fit the situation nicely though, until Umaga and AAE make their presence felt. AAE’s bit sounded rather nice as well, although from a logical standpoint, I’m not sure I like the fact that all the guys stepping up for a shot at the World Title all lost at ‘Mania. KENNEDY. I’m marking very hard for KK right now in this thread, and I loved how he pointed out that he actually won his match at ‘Mania. The whole KENNEDY thing interrupting Edge was a nice touch to, followed by the breakdown of the arguing. Despite everybody being in character, if there’s one thing maybe this promo lacked is there wasn’t enough banter. Everybody just stood there in silence whilst the other person had their say, and I’m not sure Edge would usually allow that to happen. The Coach comes out, regains order, and makes an awesome main event for tonight. The motivation from Coach was done well too, and I’m kind of hoping for a Benoit heel turn tonight. Anyway, solid, and more importantly, a very fresh, enjoyable opening.

Typical face Batista interview here. Obviously it was smart for him to retaliate to the one sided story that Edge gave in the opening promo. I also enjoyed how he mentioned a little something about each individual guy, and the ‘Taker bit at the end was the definition of slow build. The last comment Batista made, these two guys facing off at the next ‘Mania, I can actually really see it happening. Anyway a good interview, getting the champs thoughts on all his potential challengers.

Matt Hardy as all the momentum in the world as the new US Champ, and he was never, EVER losing this one. I mark for Regal though, so it sort of irritates me that he’s just being used as somewhat of a jobber to the stars. The match itself went along well, with the interference from Burchill and Taylor expected, and it just adds to the meaning of the win for Hardy.

Terrific creativity with the Judgment Day video, I actually really enjoyed reading it.

One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that it’s a little surprising to see Undertaker on the first weekly show after such a big ‘Mania match. I don’t really mind, it’s just maybe a week off would put over how much of a beating Umaga laid on him, despite losing the end result. Anyway, Bearer was solid enough here, although it felt a little strange when he first started complimenting Batista. I can’t put my finger on it, but it just didn’t feel right. Solid stuff anyway...

Despite being a glorified squash, I really enjoyed Moore/Guerrero. Obviously it was all about Chavo, but the plucky Moore in the beginning, and the attempted cradle through Chavo’s dominance was just really enjoyable and maybe unexpected. The cruiserweight division has been very Helms/Danielson orientated, and whilst it’s fine to have one feud dominate the division, I’m glad you’ve now incorporated others who want the title as well.

Absolutely loving the arrogance of Kennedy again, everything he is in is brilliant, at the moment. The banter between Edge and Kennedy was nice, and I was pleased KK got the last say to.

Whilst I’m never going to be a fan of The Miz, I like how you’re giving him the REALLY slow build, with him being in the pre ‘Mania battle royal. I still think booking wise it’s too soon to have him having a crack at the US Title, however I thoroughly enjoyed the writing of this video.

The shock result at ‘Mania for me was Helms retaining the Cruiserweight title. I thought after NWO things were set up perfectly for Danielson to take the gold, although I’m happy he didn’t. I know this isn’t real life or anything but if there’s one thing Helms’ epic title reign deserved it was a WrestleMania moment. The old “I told you so” speech was written pretty well, and sharing a drink with JBL was pretty funny. This petition business could become very interesting. Danielson dressed as a security guard is a nice way of adding more fuel to this fire, clever stuff. An overall great segment, absolutely nothing to criticise.

KOTR should be good fun. KENNEDY...

Keeping Finlay’s interview short was definitely for the best. He came across as angry after losing the title, which was good, but I felt by him also mentioning his leprechaun (which is and always will be considered a joke), it takes away some of the lustre of the US Title. The leprechaun crap probably could have been mentioned next week or something, fresh off his loss, Finlay should just be focused on the US title, imo.

I think I harped on the same thing during my Raw feedback and I’ll do it here as well. The inconsistencies with the MITB selling have really been bothering me. Firstly, Kane is ginger during his entrance according to Tazz, yet Booker shows no signs of any effects... and then, Kane is ginger during his entrance, but shows no ill effects of MITB during the actual match tonight. Again, I harped on it already at Raw, but I felt it deserved another mention. The match went along well, and it is actually a pretty good win for Kane, although I must admit, when Sharmell stood there and yelled at Kane any shred of credibility he had left as a monster disappeared. Okay, so she eventually ran away, but I still think that tiny confrontation did more harm than good for Kane.

at the constant slipping out of character with Sharmell and Booker, funny stuff. MVP’s offer makes a lot of sense, and I think it is one Booker will eventually take. Still, I feel as if Booker needs to get rid of the royalty thing right now, even though you’re still using him, it seems like nothing he’s doing is unique and that anybody could do it.

Funaki? Wow, okay. This whole segment whilst not funny, I’m guessing will lead to some comedic stuff. Anyway, I guess it was a decent way to start some sort of tag feud, but in all honesty, I just don’t really like it, from a viewer/reader’s standpoint.

Rey Rey will definitely be a more than solid addition to the mid card.

The Hooligans needed a nice win after losing at ‘Mania. The match itself was okay, not much to comment on, more to put the champions over then anything. The aftermath was expected with the confrontations before ‘Mania, with Burke and Brown doing a number on the champions. THE POOOOUUUUUUUUNCE~! Awesome, and now this feud should kick into high gear.

The main event started off smoothly enough and seemed to be just a generic six man tag, until all hell broke loose and the match got thrown out. To be honest, besides the Edge top rope Dropkick attempt, I was disappointed a few of the other guys hadn’t tried some slightly different things to catch the eye of The Coach. The whole set falling down on ‘Taker is a little farfetched, but is awesome, and makes UMAGA look like a freaking beast. The commercial break with the commentators not knowing what to do, was a nice touch to add some drama to the occasion as well. The Coach comes across as a dick, complimenting Umaga and then restarting the match, brilliant. A great little turn of events here, and now I’ve still got a solid main event to look forward to.

The revamped version of the main event was a typical tag team match really. Nothing to complain about, just a solid match, which got really interesting when Kennedy blind tagged himself in. The heels do themself in, trying to impress The Coach, and Benoit scores the winning pinfall. In the end the match told a pretty good story, although it wouldn’t surprise me if The Coach gives Benoit a hard time from here. The awkward moment and handshake between Benoit and ‘Tista was a nice touch as well, good ending.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Kennedy continues to look like he’s up for big things, the main event scene is as open as ever for the moment, a great tag feud looks set to begin, and helms/Danielson continues on. Everything on SD is looking pretty great right about now from a booking standpoint, and with the writing continuing to be at a high standard, the sky is the limit. Good show here, and as cp said, a fair bit better than raw, keep it up.

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