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Originally Posted by eyebrowmorroco View Post
1. Iím not comparing them
2. Ashton actually can be considered for the backrow, seeing as heís played there. Again, not comparing them.
3. I donít need to compare Tariqís numbers to anyone, theyíre poor.
1. Yes you did.
2. Hasn't played there for ages.
3. Yes and sometimes players are picked for intangibles. Stuff that doesn't get put on a statline. Stuff that people who watch the game appreciate as opposed to nerds reading stats in a magazine. I'm not saying Tamou should get picked, but he offers something to any side that has him. Why do you think Petero has been picked for Queensland? His stats are atrocious this year and he's definitely on the decline as a player. Haven't heard you questioning his selection, why is that? Nothing he offers is statistically relevant, how come you haven't wanted him dropped?

Again this comes back to when selecting a side you can't just pick the top 3 metre grabbers, top 3 tacklers, etc for a side. You need balance, you have role players to go with your stars. NSW needs attacking backrowers to make up for our weaker backline. Queensland can afford to pick tackling machines in their side as you know that Slater, Smith, Inglis, Cronk, Thurston and Hodges can create something from nothing. You think Pearce offers much in attack? You think Stewart offers as much as a Slater or an Inglis?

How hard it is to comprehend: club performance into Origin performance into Country. Is it that fuckiní hard to grasp, you nitwit?
Origin is the pinnicle. How hard is that for you to grasp? Your club performances feed into Origin selection. Thats what you work hard for, thats why you put the effort in. If playing for your country is so important why do we have Kiwis changing allegances to play for Queensland and NSW? because international rugby league means fuck all. Until New Zealand and England can lift their game then international football will remain poor.

Year after year, NSW eligible players jump straight from club to country, while seasoned QLD Origin players continue to get overlooked. Iím just levelling it out. As for some kind of Gallen vs. Parker argument that you are trying to commit me to, show me where I said Parkerís the better player. You wonít find it.
You said Gallen's numbers don't compare to Parker's. You have posted in this thread with your justification for players abilty being stats. Its a logical assumption then when you say no one's numbers can be compared to parker's that you consider him a better player.

Dallas Johnson over Gallen, are you on crack? You claim to have no queensland bias? are you fucking kidding me?

Originally Posted by eyebrowmorroco View Post
Ja ja

Here's what's wrong with uninformed RL fans,

Stats available for Origin 1:

Ashton Sims - 22.6 tackles, 1.3 mistackles, 101.6 metres
Tariq Sims - 17.5 tackles, 2.8 mistackles, 79.7 metres, the same amount of line breaks as his fleet footed brother - 0

There's a push for Tariq to debut? What a joke.
you're not comparing them? really? well what the fuck are you doing then, having a cup of tea and biscuits?
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