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Re: Official Rugby League & Rugby Union Thread

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
You posted tariq's numbers and said he didn't deserve to be there and compared them to Ashton's, my point is which you keep ducking is that there is no reason to compare them like you did. If you want to discuss the merits regarding Tariq's selection compare to other back rowers.
1. I’m not comparing them
2. Ashton actually can be considered for the backrow, seeing as he’s played there. Again, not comparing them.
3. I don’t need to compare Tariq’s numbers to anyone, they’re poor.

because i don't think that england or new zealand match up to the intensity, ability, and performance of origin? you're a moron.
How hard it is to comprehend: club performance into Origin performance into Country. Is it that fuckin’ hard to grasp, you nitwit?

really? you really think that?
Year after year, NSW eligible players jump straight from club to country, while seasoned QLD Origin players continue to get overlooked. I’m just levelling it out. As for some kind of Gallen vs. Parker argument that you are trying to commit me to, show me where I said Parker’s the better player. You won’t find it.

My argument against several NSW backrowers is that they miss too many tackles. Guess what? Their Origin Game 1 and 2 mirror these numbers. Your argument against Harrison was something like you didn't even notice him. GTFO! You want me to pull up his statline so far in the two Origin games?

Originally Posted by sXe_Maverick View Post
Internationals struggle to be as intense as City/Country origin, at least that game has an element of doubt as to who will win the games.
Surprise, surprise... You’re once again missing the point.

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