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Originally Posted by Alim View Post
I had a bit of a paranoia experience the other night and thought I'd share it with you guys.

So it's June 30th, the night before Canada Day. A lot of cops are out on the streets because 1. it was a Saturday night and 2. it was the night before Canada Day so everyone is out partying, drunk driving, etc.

I was with my buddies blazing in a park that's just up the street from where I live. We're all having a blast, ripping bong and smoking some weisha. It's around midnight and all of a sudden we hear a cop siren go off. No biggie, happens all the time.

Seconds later we hear more sirens. Meh, probably just rushing to a house or something.

More sirens. And more sirens. And more.

Eventually it starts getting really sketchy because the sirens were getting closer and closer. At one point the sound seemed so close that it seemed like it was going off on the street behind us.

My friends and I were all like WTF, what's going on?? Is shit going down? Maybe we should dip home. We all agree to go home before anything happens. A couple of my friends brought cars and they offered me a ride, but I insisted on walking since I lived so close and I was in possession. So I start walking out of the park and I see a police car drive by the park and that's when the paranoia got on a whole other level.

I got a call from home saying I should watch out because the cops are driving around my neighborhood and even set up a roadblock pretty much right by my house. I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to get caught with weed. What I ended up doing was leaving my weed (probably around 1.0-1.5g), grinder, and lighter by some tree and fast walked home.

On the way home two cop cars drove right past me and one even stopped and watched me walk into my house.

I kind of regret leaving that stuff there because the weed was really dank and I had just picked it up that night, the grinder was my only one, and the lighter was the best lighter I've ever had.

But I think in the end I made the right decision.
That fucking blows, I've had one close call and that was last year, me and and a buddy just blazed in this alley and as we finished and started walking, by the time we got to the end of the alley, we see Cops driving by, I trip the fuck out, and the next thing you know they pull into that same alley, My friend was like let's book it, but I'm like fuck No I'm not running cause these cops had just passed us into the alley.

Friend was pissed I didn't run for it, but at the end he knew I saved him a lot of energy especially since he has next to no fitness.

Can't you just go back to the tree though and see if it's still there?

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