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Re: i$e's Magical Music Megapost

Right then. Cover art is getting mugged off as it was taking too long each time. Update time!

1. Saves the Day - Stay What You Are // Genre : Pop Punk // Year : 2001

Seminal emotional pop punk album right here. Uplifting but quite sad at times. My Dad recently passed away and this album got heavy, heavy playtime and I can't believe I overlooked it for the original list. 'At Your Funeral' might be one of the best opening tracks ever, and if you're looking for a gateway into the genre you can't really go wrong with this.

2. Gorija - L'Enfant Sauvage // Genre : Groove Metal // Year : 2012

Album slays faces. It's a hard album to classify as it clearly has death/math/black metal influences, but whatever. If you like heavy albums that drag you into an atmospheric pit of despair and euphoria (AT THE SAME TIME) then give this a spin and you won't be disappointed.

3. Black Clouds - Everything is Not Going to be OK // Genre : Post-Metal // Year : 2012

This is surprisingly good. Downbeat in the same way Russian Circles are, this is a refreshing post-metal release that has moments of Isis' Oceanic running through it's veins. That is to say that is has this strange way of making you feel as though you're traveling in a submarine through the deepest depths of the sea. It's really very, very interesting, and a little more than just the standard style.

4. Canibus - Rip the Jacker // Genre : Hip-Hop // Year : 2003

Forget all these pseudo-intellectual rappers that are ten a penny now (hi CunningLinguists), Canibus is the king of science-rap. Artistic without being pompous, thought-provoking without being inaccessible, Rip the Jacker is an absolute tour-de-force of dope schemes and original angles. If you want something different from your rap, check this out.

5. Love - Forever Changes // Genre : Progressive Psychedelic // Year : 1967

My Dad's favourite album ever and it's easy to see why. Amazing, amazing album and one of the best from the 60's. Song writing at its best. If you're into music from this era and have somehow overlooked this, then now is a good time to sort that out. Brilliant.

6. Hey Rosetta! - Seeds // Genre : Indie // Year : 2011

Probably my favourite indie album I've heard in ages. Stunning vocals, heart-felt delivery and just a refreshing change in the genre. Will make you want to start a band.

7. El-P - Cancer for Cure // Genre : Hip-Hop // Year : 2012

The best hip-hop released this year (and it's actually had some really good competition). Like the Canibus album above, this is smarter than your average bear. Amazing production as always from El-P, with hard hitting beats being combined with genuinely original verses. Some awesome guest spots from Killer Mike and Danny Brown too. Acquire.

8. Ne Obliviscaris - Portal of I // Genre : Black Metal // Year : 2012

No update is complete without a scorching BM release. This has everything you want really; pounding basslines with blast beats, searing vocal performance and enough variety to hold your interest for the lengthy running time. I would recommend this even if you aren't a particular fan of the genre.

That's it for now, but I'll regularly update like I used to. Discussion encouraged.

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