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Re: Joey Ryan

Originally Posted by JenksIX View Post
Joey Ryan is one of my favorite things in TNA and I'm really glad the whole thing was a work. I was starting to get pissed with TNA for not hiring him and I didn't want Ryan bad mouthing the company any longer if he really wasn't going to be on the roster, excited things worked out. The only things that sucks is for every 1 good thing TNA gets right we 2 get 2 bad things, we get 2 bad (Joey Ryan good, Silva/Hendrix bad. Austin Aries great, Brooke H/Garrett awful.)

In other news, King Mo says he'll begin his training for pro wrestling in 2 months. Can anyone say next Kurt Angle?

I don't understand how brooke saying "gail, you got a title match next week" and garret saying "good luck with that" hurts a 90 mins show.

The only thing I can complain about yesterday is the fucking claire bitch but that's doesn't take anything away from a great show.

Joey Ryan appearance + 2 x division matches with top indy talent + Aries/Roode + Joe vs Bully Ray.

Another thing, if guys like jason wayne appear on gut check and get the "silva treatment" something is deeply wrong.

OVW shows are free... go watch them and make your opinion based on that, don't expect them to impress you under 3 minutes when they are supposed to look like rookies.

The reason why we don't get fresh ideas and promotions rising in American Pro Wrestling is because the majority of the community is happy with the same old shit and will reject any chance of change. There is a risk in doing new things, 9 times out of 10, it leads to 50+ pages of bitching and moaning. While business gets turned into a dictatorship and more and more out of touch. Support the indies, support New Pro Wrestling.
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