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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
Planning too far in advance can equal to the demise of a thread, people plan great feuds, turns and storylines for something like three or four months down the road BTB time, and than aren't motivated enough to write what they are donig now and want to be at that point of time already. Have no pateince. I am one to do this in the past as well. This leads to either them skipping ahead with recaps or starting a new thread.

Not planning at all in advance isn't good either, I am all for writting on the fly and letting creativity take it's course, but you have to have some sort of outline and direction even if it's the slightest thing, a main event feud you want to do, no need to pin down everybody on the roster to feuds cause then you eventually get burnt out and feel you are writting for a chore, and have no lee-way. Aren't free to do what you want. Confined, which too leads to most of the time a thread's demise.

Everyone should just do with the ammoutn of planning that they feel comfortable and happy with.
That's my problem a lot of the time, planning too far ahead. I love to plan, that's my favourite part of BTB is planning out cool storylines and feuds and dream matches and returns/debuts and all that good stuff. Like you said though, I lose motivation to do the stuff that I'm at, I want to be at the good stuff.

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