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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion Thread

Watching the new NXT it's really clear that Triple H grew up watching "Superstars of Wrestling" in the 80's. The shows have almost the identical format - squash matches with the eventual winner always introduced second (and with the loser often "already in the ring"), filmed promos to introduce new personalities, and an interview or two out on/near the entrance ramp. The only thing missing is a Piper's Pit/Barbershop/Brother Love Show segment.

While the show's production values are a huge step up on both the old NXT and FCW, there are still some "minor league" qualities showing through. J.R., as professional as he is, most often sounds like he read the background on these wrestlers 10 minutes before the broadcast. I was quite surprised to hear him call Seth Rollins's finisher by its indy name ("Blackout", as in Tyler Black). As others have said the ring announcing was awful (did she call him GINGER Mahal?), and it was disappointing to hear Chris Russo turn back the clock about 25 years by claiming that Samoans have thicker skulls than the rest of us.

Worst of all was Richie Steamboat's voice-over for his video package. How did this make it past the production team??? Damien Sandow would have a field day! Richie, your father was FAMOUS, not INFAMOUS.

Well known for some bad quality or deed.
Wicked; abominable: "infamous misconduct".
ignominious - disgraceful - disreputable - shameful

And you want people to "make their own assumption" of you? What does that even MEAN?
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