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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Smackdown Feedback

I must admit, I really liked this opening here. One of the main reasons I liked it was because you had bundles of options to kick off the show and instead of picking one, you went and gave us several all in one go. Edge was a logical choice no doubt about it and what he had to say was what was to be expected, of course heís going to use the íscrewedí card. Benoit coming out was no surprise as youíve stated heíd be getting a final swansong. Mr.Charisma didnít come off all that well here but you did a good enough job considering his mic work. Umaga and Estrada throwing their hat into the ring is great, really is. I thought theyíd immediately be going to work on payback on the Deadman but throwing a nice little curveball like this is interesting and a Batista/Umaga match/feud would be crazy. And last but not least, the most deserving of íem all, Mr.Kennedy. Iím really glad you had Kennedy play up the fact that he was the only one who did get the job done at Mania and therefore it should be him getting the chance at the title, what he had to say was on the money. Surprisingly though, Coach was perhaps the highlight here for me. Tag team match is huge, really huge but it was the way you had Coach throw down the gauntlet so to speak, impress me, be aggressive, be ruthless, make a statement. Was refreshing to hear and should equal an exciting main event. Enjoyable opening.

Speaking of options to open the show, here was one of them but Iím glad you ended up going with this here instead. Nice running down of his potential opponents and it was pleasing that he pretty much bigged up all his opponents if you will. He couldíve easily run them down, especially Kennedy and Edge as heís beaten them before but although mentioning it, he chooses not to as well as giving Benoit, Umaga and Taker high praise. Itís certainly an exciting time in the main event scene right now.

Nice opening match, perfect way of going about establishing Hardy. Giving him an opponent like Regal and a little bit of length to put on a solid match, smart choice and Iím sure weíre not done just yet with Hardy/Finlay.

Unique little package there for Judgment Day. Should be another cracker.

Simple and effective stuff from Bearer/Taker here, did its job.

Step in the right direction here for Chavo. Canít see him coming into the hunt just yet but this does him no harm at all, wouldnít mind seeing him come into play once Helms/Danielson is over with.

Very interesting exchange between KK and Edge here. I like the whole one step ahead kinda thing from Kennedy here, knowing what Edgeís next moveís gonna be. Two heels not being all chummy and actually going at it with each other is also quite refreshing, though Iím hoping this isnít a sign of a Kennedy face turn, I know youíve mentioned mixed reactions but I think itís too soon.

Now this was excellent. Really excellent stuff with Miz. Itís a slow, plodding little push that heís getting and itís great. Iím not even his biggest fan but this is how you build someone up well, highlighting them in a fashion like this, making a statement for themselves. The alliance with McCool Iím not sold on yet but this was a great little package and a feud with Hardy some point down the line would do wonders Iím sure in thrusting him further up the ladder.

Loved this from Helms, loved it. From his little love affair with JBL, to the whole throwing himself a party was great entertainment. Wow, heís been champ for THAT long? I didnít even realise, thatís one hell of a reign. When he said Iíve nothing left to prove, I kinda went woah, heís not retiring is he? But retiring the title? Genius. Having a title retired in his honour because heís just so damn great, now that is just arrogance to the maximum, Helms is thriving right now as this egotistical, unbeatable prick. Obviously not gonna happen and the Danielson run in was expected, good intensity from him here and I fully expect the rematch come Judgment Day.

Usual from Finlay here, a man of few words but always makes his statement, rematch with Hardy should be a hell of a fight.

Big win for Kane here but it felt like just a random match thrown together as neither man has anything to do right now until King of the Ring time. I do like that youíre already starting to hype that up however, mentioning that Bookerís defending his crown so to speak.

Coming off the break was more interesting than the match and the first sign of strain between Sharmell and Booker. I always love it when they revert to their normal accents only to quickly remember. This whole Booker/MVP thin has been going on a little while now and I donít know where itís gonna go. I would say that we maybe see the return of Booker T as a face to take on Porter but I donít quite know, it has my attention however.

Nice little comedy stuff here, Funaki and Santino in the same segment is always gonna be good for a laugh or two. A tag team feud, although simply filler wouldnít be bad heading into Judgment Day, I could live with it.

Mysterio returning should be a real nice boost to Smackdown, canít wait to see what you do with him.

Comfortable win for the Tag Champs here as expected. What went down after the bell was the more interesting shenanigans however and Iíve been a fan of the slow way youíve introduced the New Breed, not thrusting them straight in for Mania but letting the champs know theyíre waiting for them and here we go. Should be a great feud between these two teams and Iíd like to see the New Breed eventually take home the gold.

Main event was pretty chaotic, it was simply Umaga taking it to his three opponents, looked like a beast throughout. A No Contest didnít surprise me as didnít want anyone looking weak coming out of this big time clash but what went down after was simply shocking. Taker being crushed by the set like that, just the brutality from Umaga in dominating Taker as well, incredible stuff.

I honestly believed that was a big enough way to close the show, I thought youíd leave it there and leave us wondering just what happens to the Deadman so Iíve gotta say I didnít like the fact you had a match take place right after, albeit with four of the same six competitors. With what just went down, youíd think nobody would wanna compete, theyíd all be left stunned by these events. The lights going out and Taker disappearing, as cheesy as it is, itís what Taker does, so no complaints with me on that, but I may have left it with the stage simply falling onto him, round the show up there in horror. Very strong tag action here though and all four men took their chance to showcase their capabilities nicely. The ending had to be a pinfall following the no contest earlier and that was always going to be a tricky situation considering the parties involved. Ultimately you went for a Benoit win over Kennedy and on one hand I like it, gives a face the edge to take on Batista next which is different as well as the story of Benoitís final swansong but then I donít like it at all on the other hand as you have Kennedy coming off the biggest win of his career only to lose a few nights later to Benoit, which of course is nothing to be ashamed of but it just derails his momentum, if only a tiny little bit. My only complaint however for a very solid main event.

On the whole an excellent show here iMac, really enjoyable from top to bottom. I preferred this to Raw by a mile, it just felt fresh and new with the new contenders staking their claim, Hardy starting his run as U.S. Champ, the New Breed making their mark as well as the ridiculousness of the Umaga/Taker stuff. Canít wait for the next show, good job.
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