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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Pretty typical Hassan start to the promo, using his wealth, using his America hates me routine, no real surprises there. I liked the whole Ďmaní thing with him being held back of opportunities whilst others get theirs purely because thatís the system so to speak. You do write Punk pretty well, itís often quite hard to get his wit and sarcasm to come across but you do it nicely and I like this whole street rat thing is being kept up with, it fits him as horrible as that may be of me lol. Very intense stuff from Punk here, the whole Ďmaní stuff was excellent and made perfect sense regarding Hassanís ups and downs. It was all a bit similar to Punk/Cena in real life and the New York Yankees thing but it did fit here, not sure whether that gave you any inspiration or not.

What followed was also very similar to goings on in real life with Punk and Jericho. Iím not honestly sure how I feel on this. I had to read it a couple of times to really try and establish what I think and Iím torn. On one hand itís great, gives Hassan a shitload of heat, would be captivating to watch and really turns this feud up a notch. But at the same time I just didnít quite like it all that much, it felt too much like Punk/Jericho, almost identical except for the fact Hassan actually poured it down his throat which I didnít like also as Iím sure Punk would never allow it, even if it was fake, he wouldnít want to Ďpreachí as he does and have some kid pull him on it and say youíre not Straight Edge, you drank that alcohol a few weeks back. You know what I mean? Maybe Iím just being petty. On the whole, really good promo and Iím a little torn on the aftermath.

Nice continuation with Heyman here. Canít wait for Christian to return at some stage.

Solid match up here between Doane and Ki, showed off both men very nicely and also gives Doane another strong win over a pretty established guy, which is what he needs right now. Aftermath followed up nicely on that with the destruction of Evans, these two arenít gonna lose any steam from this so a great job here and Iím looking forward to where you take Doane.

Big win for Carlito and a very nice showing on debut. Hoping for big things from the Apple Spitter. I will say though that I didnít particularly like the promo beforehand. It just felt kinda awkward to be honest, may just be you needing to adjust to writing Carlito a little bit as I still struggle with him now.

Usual from Finlay here, doesnít give much away does he? I would certainly like to hear his reasoning pretty soon but for now, the guessing game is fine by me. One thing I would say is Finlayís the man who loves to fight, youíd think heíd spill the beans simply so he could kick someoneís ass.

Very mysterious stuff here from Van Dam. Really seems to be in a whole different world right now and it certainly has me wondering. The whole lost, emptiness youíre displaying is great. I wasnít sure Iíd like this at first, felt all too close to what Christian was like beforehand but itís growing on me and this was another big step. Canít wait to see his address at VMW.

This was perfect in my eyes, really was. Some great, great action between these four and the right result too. I was disappointed you had SFCís undefeated streak end and felt it derailed them a little bit but this puts them right back in the hunt. Beating the tag champs, beating two guys whoíve been built up as strong as Benji/Haas is a big deal. I donít think theyíll take the gold come VMW but this certainly helps the outlook. Beautiful aftermath as well here. You made all the participants for next week look great, taking them all outta the equation was definitely the right move, preparing us for the carnage that goes down at VMW, cannot wait, excellent stuff.

Nice exchange between HBK and Danielson here. One little nitpicky moment from me was him saying ĎHBKí then suddenly going to ĎMr.Michaelsí. A feud between these two some point down the line please, teacher vs. student, book it!

Absolute chaos to close the show here and I loved it. Michaels little ambush to start with was unexpected but clever but ah, itís never gonna one up the most worthy of all men is it? Jerichoís always one step ahead and the Legion show it again here. These three up against Michaels is a no contest but to have Danielson come down and show that heart, show that fight he always does is another big step in the right direction for him in this thread. Joe coming down and tearing things up as ever was great also, such a badass. Real high tension here to close this thing and itís built next week up very nicely indeed.

Rounding this one off, just wanted to throw in that i like the off season idea by the way, just because it's something different and makes us as readers wonder how you're gonna go about it. Also, loved the interview wiith you and iMac, props on that. But anyways back to the show and on the whole some great stuff in this, some stuff I didnít like which i mentioned above but some great stuff also. Most importantly though, it has me looking very much forward to Very Merry War which has the potential to be insane. Looking forward to Van Damís return next week as well as more involving Heyman/Christian while the action as ever will probably blow my socks off. Bring it on.
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